French Brunette Flash Outside in Forest – Française s’exhib dans les bois

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We live in the 18th district one of the most pleasant apartments in Budapest It belongs to a green belt our four-story houses are not very close together giving young people and children the space to be close to nature In the Spacious spaces between the houses small groups gather to talk to walk dogs or to chase the ball between the basketball hoop The trees are green almost throughout the year and even though the winter baldness reaches them when I think of our colony the thought of evening walks under the Pleasant Green Trees is the feeling of returning home
We live here with my parents in a second-floor apartment which is spacious enough to suit our everyday comfort My father's brother and I have a very good relationship and it can't be clouded by the fact that they work as senior associates of two competing companies My uncle's stepdaughter Kati has been one of my best friends for years She's 17 she's very cute she has a beautiful smile sometimes I joke about borrowing one for my current sweetheart It's hard to find young people who smile honestly these days She has long light brown hair and she loves the clothes that show her navel Her mom's dad's brother's second husband - they're both my godfather and my godmother - so we're not really related but I still consider her my niece
The story I'm about to tell you is about you and me and it hides the strangest surprise of my life How unpredictable the events are But the right thing to do is start at the beginning
Ever since we were kids there's been a strange connection between the two families During the holidays we came together to eat drink talk and at Easter as usual we showed up at each other's house with a bottle of Cologne water and I according to the silly custom of that time with my open hand in the hope of change That was the reason for our relationship and the telephone line could not give more than that for it was only on name days that we had thought to call and wish each other a happy birthday
And then it was high school time and the fun the singing and the guitar playing with the classmates they made a strong impression on us on the walls of the building Kati is six years younger than me so it's no surprise that when she set foot in the same high school everyone immediately considered her my successor My homeroom teacher used me as an example if he wanted to draw his attention to something and because I was one of his favorite students at the time he would still let me know if there was a problem with Kati
As a result Kati spent more and more time with us in the afternoons and most of all with our adventures in the field of mathematics and Hungarian literature we tried to make up for her shortcomings We occasionally watched the evening movies or a really fun video at our house so many times while I was busy shaving he was up to his neck in a tub of hot water covered in an incredible amount of bubble bath We both love to take a bath and it's become a practice that while I was in the tub under the foam and the sponge covers he was sitting on the washing machine reading his lecture from literature that day
It was a Friday and I was busy forgetting the work and duties of the week as usual
- Brother "Kati cried from the bathroom
- Well??  I asked him back right in the middle of my favorite TV show
- Come in please
- But now?? - I answered reluctantly Girls are very good at it when molesting is inappropriate It's the only show I like to watch and right now?
- It's important Please - he begged a little more forcefully
So I went and got out of bed I opened the bathroom and there was Kati in the tub holding my razor
- Hey miss Why are you holding my last razor? I don't want you with that - I was going to say what I suddenly wanted out of anger but the surprise suddenly made my voice fall down In a moment Kati stood up in the tub and looked at her pussy with her arms open - How do you like it brother? I shaved it off
- What? holy shit - I said it in amazement I saw my niece naked with a completely naked 17-year-old pussy and she looked into my eyes and asked me for my most honest opinion I've never seen her like this before and I never thought she could be so beautiful
- You're crazy Katika - I said it in anger and I slammed the door behind me I almost didn't believe he was doing that; this girl is completely out of her mind How can you ask me that?
I sat back in front of the television and I said to myself "this girl is really crazy" Soon he came to the bed next to me and he sat next to me as he usually did when I was watching TV or having serious conversations with him


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