Ich hoff mich erwischt keiner mit meinem vibrierenden Schmetterling im park

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The first meeting was arranged in many many terms In a remote corner of a restaurant after dinner a few drinks and a chat we moved on to the reason for our meeting We like each other and then I lean over to you I stroke your pussy I give you a little package and I whisper in your ear " go to the bathroom now and pick up whatever's in the bag" You go out obediently lock the door and open the package with a latex panties on it with a dildo on it and you put the dildo in your vagina Then you may feel a little insecure but then you decide to wear it because what you have to lose
You come out of the bathroom you sit back next to me and then something happens to your pussy The dildo's starting to vibrate inside you I'm holding a remote control to control the penis on your panties I'm holding you now
I suggest we go back to my place and you agree We're gonna go out to my car and play with your remote I'm gonna put you in the backseat put a gag in your mouth blindfold you tie your hands behind your back put your legs in the back seat cover you with a blanket
We're coming to me and now you're scared You're scared of what's going to happen to you because you barely know me In your vagina the vibrator vibrates faster and slower You hear me call someone and tell them I have someone with me who wants to be with more men And I'll talk to the stranger about having it with me in an hour
We'll be there in about 10 minutes I get out of the car I leave you in it I'll untie your legs in two minutes and get you out of the car I'll take you to the house your eyes are still bandaged In the apartment I'm gonna untie your hands and then you're gonna get a rope on him again and I'm gonna pull your hands up to the ceiling I'm gonna take off your tights your pants and your latex panties I'll put your shirt on I put tweezers on your little lips and then I hang weights on them I'm gonna take the gag out of your mouth pull your tongue out of your mouth and squeeze it between two Chinese chopsticks by sucking both ends of the sticks together So you can't swallow and your saliva runs down your chin down between your breasts You're very hot at the mercy of it So I'm gonna leave you alone for a little while while you hear me packing I got my tools Now suddenly you get a whipping on your breasts and then you take a break now you get your ass then your stomach and so on in the most unexpected moments you get a whipping on the most unexpected part of your body Then I'll tie a rope around one of your legs and put it up on the ceiling I'm gonna tie your tits up so they can get all riled up with blood()


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