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- 1 -
I rushed to school on Friday morning and went into Zsófi's class put on his bench a single red rose accompanied by a small card "Happy birthday"
I waited until his Padmate arrived and asked him to take care of the delivery until Zsofi came so that no one would knock him down from where I put him or steal him out of mischief and then I disappeared
Before the first hour he came to me turning the flower in his hand and he thanked me with emotion
When the noon break was over we finished the show and I turned off the AMP so we had to hurry so we wouldn't be too late for the last hour because we didn't like to disrupt the order very much He took a swift step towards the studio door but I took his arm and stopped him
- Zsofi Wait wait wait - he turned around That day we didn't say much to each other My kindness in the morning indeed touched him but we could not handle the emotion properly
He turned his eyes a little down on me - I'm sorry?
- When we were up in the castle we said We should go up there again and enjoy the view
That wasn't an easy speechit wasn't a radio show
- The weather's almost over and we haven't lived up to the idea I'd like to walk up the mountain with you again - He saw I had something else to say and he waited with his eyes on me I kept my head down - That's not important - I admit it - I'd like to talk to you calmly about something and I'll call the view to help - He put his head down to hide his thoughts - Let's go up there for a walk this afternoon - I'm done
We both raised our heads and looked into each other's eyes - Let's go "he said scarcely audible and set out quickly without looking back he ran towards the classroom leaving me the door of the studio
I went to her class after class She was the only one in the room with her purse
I came so close our bodies almost touched He did not pull back even though such close proximity without the bus's tumult or the motive for the dance was not in the habit of us He still had the Rose in his hand
- Meet me at the bus at 5: 00 - he told me
 I'd rather pick you up at half past when your mom gets home
- Come on - he nodded
At 4: 30 I had 15 roses tied in a bouquet and I pressed the doorbell In the pocket of my celebrating jacket there was a little gift but I was saving it for later
- You gave me flowers today - he was surprised
- One With these we have 16 I unwrapped the bouquet and handed it to you
I finally got a kiss on the cheek That wasn't a greeting ' cause that's not how we greet each other
We walked down the long sidewalk to the House
Aunt Kati was sitting in the living room in one of the Bay chairs
- But you're both solemn - he said looking at me in a suit and shining shoes
- It's your birthday They say the 16th is the most beautiful
- Yeah yeah yeah - he answered with a smile - Celebrate all you want
Zsofi returned holding a vase full of water with sixteen roses in it He put it in the middle of the piano lid in a small bowl His mother looked at the flower with astonishment - Just now there was only one
- I just got these "Zsofi said and his fingers crossed the flowers" She was wearing a dress too His costume is perfectly ironed a sweater under his coat He knew I wouldn't pick him up in jeans
We said goodbye to Aunt Kati - Be back by 10: 00 - his mother cried out for us
It was dusk before we got to Buda
- Let's not go to the castle - I offered - Let's check out The Citadel - We're gonna be a little higher and I've never been there
The climb was a little more difficult than the mountain but we found our way there
We stopped at the side of the Gellért Hill in a small Bay of the promenade which was cut into the hedge so that people like us could find a place near the narrow sidewalk without being run over The edge of the shore wall was bounded by a barrier and there was a bench in front of it Whoever sat on it must have been admiring the city view
We have a seat In the yellow foliage you could see far north under the clear sky In the warm air of early autumn we wore the jacket and the jacket on our shoulders
We were expecting the next conversation and we were afraid of it I because I did not know how Zsófi would take what I had to say and he because he knew what I wanted to talk to him about was uncertain as to his expectations
I figured out from his festive outfit that he wasn't just expecting a little work talk he was expecting something more serious I knew him well enough to know that he liked to dress nicely but on a weekday afternoon the suit it didn't even belong to him


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