Madison Scott’s perfect body is used and by guests at Armory party

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Hi I'm Anita 21 college girl I'll share with you what it felt like to be naked in front of strangers and lie with my legs open for the first time in my life in a nut-medicine examination chair and what happened to me there I guess all the girls go through this and I'm sure it's not a pleasant experience for anyone but I felt terribly humiliated and it'll be nice to get it out of me I was 16 at the time 5 '4" about 50 kilos I had a nice body a round bottom a flat belly tight-standing bulging boobs the guys had been after me for a while :) my breasts had grown a little since then but even then like two hills they were nicely grown under the T-shirt But I didn't like being looked at I'm a very shy shy person to this day Although I didn't need it at all my boobs were tight but I still wore a bra that really held them down and I kept cleaning myself on the beach My friends used to tease me about the big "bikinis" and the beach dresses :) and I've had one of them with the monkinis Well I'm still not gonna do that (Although I had to it's a different story You can imagine how hard it was for me to get myself to go to the doctor and show myself to a stranger down there with my legs spread open and everything open I don't even sit in front of my boyfriend let alone a complete stranger Especially since I was a virgin back then I never really dated anyone
But I had to make up my mind and it was about time and my period was pretty irregular and I felt a little pain sometimes that bothered me So I checked in On the advice of my friends the evening before I shaved myself clean everywhere so there should be no problem with the sores during the examination I used to just cut it on the edge sometimes and it was weird and now it's completely naked and it just made me feel so much more naked They said it was worth wearing a skirt or a long T-shirt which I could leave up and cover up and not stand there naked I didn't have a skirt I never wore it I was embarrassed to be seen from down below I left the shirt But that morning I fell asleep and in the rush it slipped my mind It was the end of May warm weather a pair of jeans and a short tight top I liked my belly button hanging out I had a very sexy belly button I liked to point out:) the guys liked it:) so I started out this way As soon as I got to school I got to my head I was such an idiot but then I didn't have time to go home and change I had a cramp in my stomach all day I didn't even know what class I was in I just had enough to know what was coming and even that little protection wasn't gonna be there and I'm gonna have to stand in front of a total stranger with no panties on and I'm not gonna be wearing anything to cover it up I was so afraid of the afternoon
Time was slow but I finally got there I sat in the waiting room there weren't many of them everyone was hiding a newspaper I took one I pretended to read it I heard my name on the intercom "G Anita come to curtain 2"I stood up and walked towards the door I kept telling myself everything was gonna be okay it's not that big a deal I was breathing deeply and I closed the door behind me There's a light on There was a door on the other side but it was only open from the office I didn't know what I was supposed to do so I waited and I thought someone would come and brief me but it didn't work I didn't want stupid little félo hen they appear I started to vetkozni shoes and then down the jeans socks nice mm I hung up this time went the decision of a moment before :) and Then you're ashamed of like anyone could see I pulled down the panties too and I put on the hanger It was a very strange feeling being naked inside strange walls just one door away from the rest of the people out there and I'm standing here naked in a 2x1m room waiting But I would have liked that long shirt and I thought I was covered in nothing and I knew in a few moments I'd have to walk into the office naked and they'd see my bare-shaved pussy and butt My heart was in my throat
I waited a long time at least it seemed like a lot to me I was getting cold but maybe it was just nerves shaking I was afraid that maybe I shouldn't have taken my clothes off and what they'd think of me standing here naked The door just opened
A nurse stood there smiling kindly and asked me to come in It's weird but her smile kind of calmed me down He was young though he must be about 10 years older than I am and he was pretty and somehow he suggested safety She glanced down at my naked pussy and I covered it with my hands and then she looked me in the eyes completely calm as if I wasn't naked on the bottom or as if it were a natural thing It must have been for him though So I entered()


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