Losing a Pokémon Battle

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We were teasing each other more and more It's like we're secretly competing for it Of course my mother was unlucky because she was away on business trips but she kept her big checkbook in her purse Viktor's jaw fell off when he saw the brand-new white leather-seat Porsche turn into our driveway "Yours" said the Mutter and the meetings were inaugurated the same day This morning according to Viktor's request I had to clean his sperm off the windshield How did it get there?
 In return I'll show you how to be a bad girl - he smiled and I nodded of course - bad girls suck dicks - he kept going - Now take it out of my pants and put it in your mouth
I laughed at his bold words but it broke the ice on me and I was overwhelmed by emotion? As soon as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his boxer shorts down on his ankle his big tool popped out I've never seen anything so beautiful in movies She had a thick purple crown on her beautiful head - Come on bad girl - he was pounding - Stop teasing me
I licked my mouth and smiled And then I stuck my tongue out to taste the preemie It was salty and delicious I like that the taste is clean I put my lips around his dick with a new power and took it into my mouth My jaw hurt because it was thick but I didn't give up I took his penis to the root and tried not to touch it with my teeth Because of the prelude I puked a line snipped but he grabbed my hair to rush me I was drowning My saliva was all over my chin and my eyes were burning but I sucked it like I was born to "That's good" he said " Keep it up" You're gonna make me come beautiful
I looked up to him and I tried to suck him harder the way he felt so he'd never want another woman but me So she'll always need me "I want to cum all over your face" he hissed " I want my sperm to mark your beautiful black hair I nodded and he turned up and pulled his tool out of my mouth I was stunned by the way he was caressing himself The sound of pleasure came out of him I was still amazed at the way he held his dick when his sperm shot out hot and hit me in the face I began to blink afraid it would go into my eyes He moaned as he smeared his hot seed all over my face As soon as he was done I looked up at him with a grin - Was it good? - I did He took a few drops of sperm off my face with his thumb and then pushed it right in front of my mouth I wanted to love the taste so I eagerly gave him a blowjob He kept cleaning my face like that until he wiped most of them off - That was fucking perfect - he said he'd help me get back on my feet The microwave started squawking He's damned himself I smiled It's time to wake up mom Our breakfast is ready
After mom left I went into their bedroom The usual mess The air smells of expensive French Cologne and free sweat The sheets were still damp I threw off my cloak and rolled through the red silk blanket that still guards the body's breast
- What are you doing here? - Viktor entered
"That is not the question" I turned to my stomach so that he could better admire the perfect half – balls of my buttocks " but what were you doing here last night? - I'll show you the handcuffs you dug out from under the bed
"That's none of your business" he exclaimed - We played a little Fifty Shades Of Grey
I got up I took a bite of my lips and took my secret weapon: I looked at it with my most innocent glance: "perhaps I should be punished too"
Suddenly his face changed Like a predator staring at me at his victim I peed it when he grabbed me in his arm He kicked the door down with his foot and pulled me from the bed He tore his clothes off and threw them over his shoulder as he desperately ate my mouth Suddenly he grabs me by the elbow and turns me around Cold metal locks on my wrist
Now I'm completely in his power He took me to the bed and threw me face first on the mattress I had a groan coming out of my throat My butt is now naked my leg was hanging off the bed I was completely at his mercy
- I want to beat your beautiful ass But right now I'm just gonna fuck her - He said it in a cool calm voice
- What if it hurts? - I asked him and he hit my junkand I got excited
- Oh honey you're gonna get so wet You'll love it when I hurt you You want me to hurt you Beg me naughty girl Beg me to stretch your tight little ass
I started moaning and squirming Viktor's gonna get you the way no one's ever gotten you before He talked about my body like he wanted it like he wanted drugs And he seems to be getting stronger every day That's what I was trying to do


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