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3 August 2007
Nagyseben Meteorological Institute
Andreas Armbrust studied the graphic that the computer printed Garbage ran through the area that indicated the point of contact with low and high pressure air layers He was filled with stringy nervous uncertainty This can't be happening
He pushed himself away from his desk and moved to another room where the measurements of the last few days were stored He pulled out a ledger filled with diagrams and graphs and a text explanation attached to them András looked at it briefly
" 31 Julychanging weather in the Valley of Marosthose living along the cyclone rivers should be careful that the rivers flow snowy weather is extreme"
The latter has put a nail in Andreas ' head He's already dialed a number
- Hello? Dezso? What about Bilea Lake?
At first he didn't get an answer just static crackling But then he heard Dezső's voice but it was jagged and it seemed very far away
- Hello Andreas it's not very bright I have to leave the observation post they're gonna shut down the transfogaras
- August?? What's happening now?
- It's fucking huge it sucks in here I climbed over the Lake First there was a fog in Bilea Valley but it's so foggy I've never seen anything like it he hit the ridge and turned back
- It's always like this
- But this is different the olahs warned me from the Regatthere are terrible storms many mountaineers died and thousands of sheep Oh screw you I can't even light my cigarette
Andreas slowly blew out the air and walked out on the terrace of the institute with his mobile to check the wind meter It was a hell of a heat out herehe couldn't believe it Although it's also true that Barometer shows scary data and humidity is extremely high The man looked down at the bustling city of Hermannstadt and suddenly he was concerned
- Listen Dezso I need data
Again static crackling then desperate voices
- Too late I'm on my way Jesus the spine's collapsing the tunnel collapsed the road
A scream Then it's over Nothing more
Andreas looked with disbelief at the silent device in his hand Then he hung up slowly
- Andreas? - there was a voice behind him
He turned around and saw his assistant Imola Imola was a young girl from Cluj with beautiful long thighs and a charming face Andreas liked him very much in fact but he had a wife and kids In addition the mother had taught him that a Saxon boy could only be with a Saxon girl We don't mix with Hungarian or chair Certainly not with vlachok
That's why he wanted it Mein Gott
- Something's wrong Imola - Andreas made it official  I just called DezsÅ‘ at Bilea station Something's really wrong
- What? - she asked
- I don't know Yes I am
Then they heard a deep muffled bang from a distance They went around the meteorological tower on the circular porch to spy southeast towards the river Olt the Strait of red tower and the Land of Fogaras But what they saw took their breath away
They stood in silence staring with their mouths open
Andreas suddenly remembered the strange position he had made love to his wife the night before
Imola thought she needed to change the battery in her vibrator
Before them the Prince of hell rode his six-red chariot in the sky
The radio came out loud from inside the tower
"Negotiations are underway in Budapest on Transylvania's Federalist transformation Half-track roadblock between Balázsfalva and Medgyes várhatóaz your orphan County lake is protesting the the weather is expected to be erratic in areas beyond the King's edge"
Moody Yes
Above the cauldron of snow there was a dark blackness that Andreas had never seen before He shrouded all the land like a witch's shrouded in shadow and Andreas saw closely how he devoured the settlements there: Victoria Town Carnival upper dust parties
"The Barcity has declared disaster response The storm from Cenk mountain to Brasso destroyed the tower of the Black Temple"
I can't he thought desperately Andreas As a Saxon he was devastated by the destruction of the great building His dick got stiff in his pants He had already remembered that they had done it the night before and she went out with loud moans after demanding in a lecherous voice that he fuck her fuck her deeper and deeper more more
The weatherman looked at Imola He saw that she was bewitched by the approaching horror and that the rising wind was blowing her hair back saw the slender curved neck and felt the scent of her perfume mixed with the pure smell of the snow wind


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