Sklavin-No6 beaten, fisted and tortured with saline

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I like to walk in the woods at this time of night It's nice to hide from the scorching summer sun on the forest path listen to the sounds of the forest the birds ' self-indulgent chirping We both know the waywe come here almost every day As I wander around in my thoughts he runs up and down happy as he is sometimes with a fresh clue he disappears from my sight That's what happened now as he snorted the fresh breeze of the forest he was right behind his nose For a while I could hear the sound of the chase and then suddenly it was quiet very quiet I had the wrong idea about the last time I heard her yapping I thought he was running towards the little clearing so I headed that way too It was difficult to move between the thick bushes but the clearing was visible and there was some movement in the grass I was almost out of the bushes when I realized it wasn't my dog If I hadn't been careful you'd have crashed into the middle of an unbridled lovemaking:)
They were so busy with themselves If they'd known anything about the outside world they'd have noticed someone rattling in the bushes just a few feet away He was lying on his back and she was spoiling the steely phallus with her lips With the slight movement of his tongue the member was irritated his talent betrayed by the man's increasingly wheezing and impatient movements The sight was extremely hot so no wonder my dick was slowly coming to life on its own and my pants were getting tighter When she sat up to carry on with her hands what she had begun with her tongue I saw her pointed breasts and her cut-off pussy I could not stand it any longer I freed my tool from its tight position
The woman was occupied with the seduction of the serpent and her hands kept getting wild as if she never wanted to stop And then suddenly he stopped maybe he felt that he didn't have long to live he caressed her slowly and when she calmed down a little he sat in the throbbing pole with a lustful gesture As she slowly moved up and down her shapely breasts came to life on their own I couldn't control myself any longer and my hands glided on my tool at a more violent pace I must have been careless and made a noise or she felt someone watching her and suddenly she looked where the Bush was covering for charity It was as if our eyes had flashed and the moment of surprise on her face was replaced by a flirtatious smile as she kept pushing her wild pace With almost no warning the man held his hips up and released his core two or three strokes into the woman It was obvious that she was caught off guard by the breakout and she had a different plan for the end of the game He could feel in his sheath the thundering masculinity and his face could be seen with disappointment He fell on the man waited until his wheezing subsided He breathed a kiss on his face whispered something in his ear and then kneeled over his face He raised his head with his hands so he controlled him As he walked the cavern of lust with her tongue she looked for the bush that hid me I thought for sure someone was watching them The sight was more than arousing I felt the eruption of the volcano approaching I was almost self-absorbed but looking at her I saw that she was not far from the top
Then there was no turning back I was very careful to stay silent while I was squirting and coming Not the woman In her orgasm with a loud scream she held the man's head close to her clitoris enjoying every moment of the supernatural pleasure By the time she was exhausted she was lying next to him and I carefully retreated out of the hiding Bush and tried to get out of the neighborhood
I can't stop thinking about that day at first I was avoiding this neighborhood but instead I was heading towards the river hoping to forget Of course it didn't work and as the days went by the memory faded but in her dreams I often saw her glistening eyes flawless body That summer flew fast in the muddy autumn and in the cold winter our walks grew shorter But as the snowflowers appeared I headed back to the forest On the familiar path came memories I wished I wished to see her again Of course I knew there was virtually no chance of meeting him and with a heartache I thought " maybe at that time they'd be enjoying themselves in each other's arms"
The days passed the late spring was replaced by summer From the sun at noon I went into the woods The air was sweltering it was early June but it was as if we were in the middle of summer my skin was burning in the sun He was hanging my dog's tongue around me and I think he wanted me and my idea that in the Southern heat we were not going towards the river It all happened incredibly fast He knew that sharp turn on the trail A few weeks after this turn he pulled a rabbit out of a bush and he's been running forward ever since looking for something exciting to happen there I didn't care about him he left I was torn from my mind by a frightened scream Right after that it was my dog's well-known bark()


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