(Not quite an) Orgasm Compilation

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The next day there was a phone call saying that Sanyi and Peter had to go to work in the country
Sanyi was driving a country outfit work was jammed they were on a tight schedule and I had to spend two weekends without him I was better off with one of your colleagues ' wives and on a Tuesday we decided to surprise the two vagrants This afternoon we dressed up and got on the bus couldn't wait to get laid We arrived late in the afternoon went to the hotel where they lived The doorman was sorry to tell you that both of you had to go to the center and they won't be back for a day or two
Me and Edit were standing there excited unsatisfied
We'd sit in the hotel room and have a cup of coffee and cognac and talk about how we should do it now After a while two guys they were about 30
I've been called to sit at our table
Edit said yes
They were nice guys
We told him we were here to see our husbands but it didn't work out We got so caught up in the conversation we didn't even notice and the espresso closed and we didn't have anywhere to go to sleep The boys offered to stay at the hotel and go up to their room and wait for the morning
Edith and I went to the bathroom
- You know what they want? - I asked Edith
"No" he replied
- You think they want to talk? - I did
- What? - he asked me back
- What? what?"fuck" I said
Edit had his answer - Well God forbid they fuck you so what? "Your virginity can no longer be taken except to have sex with one more man let's go upstairs" he said
- No no no don't let's go train definitely will start - I say resistant rather But Edit was adamant
We went back and the boys paid and left the espresso They had a room on the second floor with a tight three-bed shower-room Needless to say couples have formed
My boyfriend was nice but he was pushy
We sat down on a bed and started talking
- Are you married? - I did
"Yes" he replied
- How old are you? -
"Twenty-eight" he replied
- Are you here to see your husband? - he asked
"You haven't seen him since" he asked
- It's been like two weeks
- Are you away a lot? - he asked
"Yes" I said
- So what? - don't you miss it? - he asked
- What do you mean? - and I knew it was getting slippery
- I mean you're young don't you miss sex? - or do you have a boyfriend? - he asked
I didn't answer
- Do you have a boyfriend? - he asked again
- You want me to tell you? - I did
- Yeah - yeah tell me he leaned over and held my shoulder and drew me to him a little
- I doI-I lied
- What's it like? "he's big" he asked
- No I'm not "about a hundred and seventy-five" I replied
 I didn't mean it like that I mean does he have a big one?- he kept going and I knew we were on the subject
Shame on you shame on youmy panties are getting wet
I played along
"He's got a big one" I replied
- Did you do it last week? He asked
- No I'm not and you have a big one? - I did
"Hold it" he said but let's get undressed you see your girlfriend's out of touch so I hear Edith's already getting laid They were panting moaning
'Take off your clothes' whispered the boy
"I take my clothes off but I don't want to fuck" I said
'Yes we don't fuck but it's more comfortable to talk without clothes' said the boy
I took off my clothes and all I had left was a pair of panties He was just wearing a pair of pants
We went to bed
- Come on can you hold it? - he asked
- I really don't want to fuckI didn't come up here for that you're gonna be nice right? - I did The guy didn't answer he rubbed my thighs up to my panties And then he stuck his finger in my pants and kept caressing me
- You're so hairy - he said so
- Does it bother you? - I did
- No I'm not you don't mind I like hairy pussy will you take your panties off? - he asked
What was I supposed to do I put my panties down and she caressed me she grabbed my pubic thigh she put her finger in a wet part of her
- I can feel you excited you're so wet - and he pulled his pants down
- Hold this - he whispered
I reached out and grabbed his dick and it was hard and hot
He moaned when I grabbed him I started pulling him
- Jerk off? - I did
- And he turned on me
- Please don't do this no no no no no no oh please you promised No I don't want it no no no don't do that please
The guy didn't answer but he used his tool to pry open my labia
- No no no no no no oh please no no no yikes yikes ohhh oooohhhh and in that moment he impaled me with a strong push He stuck his thick dick in me and started fucking me He slowly pushed his dick in and out of my vagina and then I felt two or three powerful pushes()


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