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I'm skinny blonde and of course not very smart I'm just not put together right I mean what a bummer to have someone in the 21st century call me Gizi in the century Plus I have natural blonde hair blue eyes and the creator gave me significant breasts Blondes and stupidity don't have anything to do with it My sister's a blonde but she went to law school and is about to graduate for her second degree So I look relatively good on the outside but my intelligence leaves something to be desired Plus my pussy works a little differently than most guys because my boyfriends soon realize that I get horny real quick and when that happens I can't resist and I have to take the edge off
I like having sex and it's the only activity I feel like I'm really good at The problem is men get tired of me being predictable and willing and that's why I haven't had a longer relationship I'm 26 years old and I don't belong in the world
I haven't slept with anyone in two months and it's been hard on me I always fall in love with someone who starts courting me and then they can do almost anything to me Since my last relationship ended badly (in a sadomasochistic seance) I decided to pay more attention and not let them take advantage of me I'd rather take advantage of guys
As a first step I registered on several dating sites (according to my girlfriend everyone on these sites wants to have sex anyway) I've been picking out guys I like and I've been looking for five or five guys on every page that fit the coordinates I set up So right now I'm writing to 15 men who are dying to meet me but I'm making sure I don't fall for them and they can't take advantage of meI'm just playing with them
My first meeting with Joseph Old gentleman jozsi is 45 years old He's an entrepreneur looking for a decorative lady to share his life with No kids divorced In three weeks of correspondence he told me a lot about himself and we exchanged pictures He's a relatively tall blue-eyed balding good-bodied muscular man rides a lot He lives in a big country town but he's coming up to Budapest for me I'll see you tonight We're having dinner at the hotel where he lives
I'm doing my best I arrive in a black suit which is not too short but not too long With my blond hair out my makeup's low but my heels are a little higher ' cause I'm really good at this
I'm taking a cab because I intend to drink alcohol in case this guy doesn't work out When he sees me he comes to me with a smile We spend a little time at the hotel bar talking about nothing He's a nice man he laughs a lot and he's got dimples on both sides of his face I can feel the second martini coming into my head so I don't mind when we go to the restaurant The restaurant's windows are facing the Danube and because we get a table by the window we can see the city's lights Before we start dinner he's Gonna Give me a long-stemmed red rose It's a very pleasant evening very thoughtful and kind Too much I'm reminded of my brother's warning to be careful if it looks too beautiful because I'm sure he has something to hide
By the end of dinner the atmosphere will be completely relaxed we're talking about all kinds of things The alcohol has gone to my head so I'm asking you to take a walk in the fresh air Józsi is happy to take the idea saying that he likes to be outdoors he does it many times during his work (it turns out he breeds horses) so we go towards the Danube Coast As we walk in front of the lighted windows and laugh he just stops holds my face between his hands and kisses me His kiss tastes like red wine a little greedy but he's a really good kisser Gently hot and soft His hand rolls down my neck my shoulder and then it stops down my waist It feels the line of the thong breath gently barely touching my butt My hormones are starting to work My nipples can see through my bra and they need to be tingly pampered I don't want to give myself away so I'm coming out of the hug holding her hand and moving away from the lights towards the river
It's a beautiful fragrant warm summer night The lights on the quay do not go through the noise is moving away only the sound of the water splashing down the steps of the quay Józsi holds my hand he won't say a word we'll just walk quietly We're almost to the bridge Jozsi walks two steps down from me He just stops turns me over and kisses me slowly gently As his tongue penetrates between my lipsI feel the heat As he caresses my tongue his hand from my waist to my buttocks and then lets my butt between two halmas With the other hand the caress starts from my neck and then with a firm motion and yet it gently grabs my breast I can feel my panties getting wet rubbing my taut nipples


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