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It's a hot adventurous night Maybe it's the full moon but tonight there's something else magical going on in this town driving everyone who hasn't breathed peacefully drooling on their little pillows The neon lights of the bars flickering in the concrete jungle Dave's on his way to one of those In his black shirt and sexy jeans stretched to his chest he looks really good completely absorbed into the shadows at night
Dave cynically pulls his mouth away from the bar and walks into the room with a big sigh The smoke can be cut the music is pounding in the ear He discovers his friend at the counter before whom the second glass is empty He's hurrying past the crowd before he's too far behind He sits on the empty chair and immediately asks for whiskey double With some amateur gesture he tries to let his friend know why he was late but there's no way he's gonna catch it with his already foggy brain He drinks his drink he wants the next one He's taking his time picking up girls on the little dance floor He doesn't usually pick up girls at parties but today he gets this weird feeling and it's burning him from the inside out Everywhere he turns his eyes are all over the tits and he's got little butts in tiny tight skirts and he sees them
Two beautiful girls dancing against him One of them has long light brown hair that moves his shoulders his thin gazelle body to the beat of music Her face is quite unique but the most striking part is her wildly sexy butt wrapped in a tiny tight leather skirt that barely covers it There's an angel standing next to him Her blond hair falls on her shoulder in tiny little spots her face with a delicate makeup her huge deer eyes looking at Dave while her delicate cherry-colored mouth is drawn to a promising smile With his hands in his hair he goes down smoothes over his graceful neck his breasts covered in white lace-like material his slender waist all the way to his round hips He's gonna start a seductive dance
Our protagonist is bewitched and slowly compelled to go towards her The blonde beauty weaves her thin arms around her neck rubs her like a kitten David caresses his back enjoys the touch of hot and silky skin his instincts are all over him he grabs into the firm bottom he lifts it up he kisses the sweet lips wild The girl's longing to return the favor They don't feel the world around them anymore they eat each other's mouths they want to feel each other's bodies Out of breath gasping for air they split up a little The boy waves his head out holds her hand and leads her out of the crowd They get hit by the chill of the night They're shivering again The girl whispers it into the boy's mouth:
- I'm thirsty But let's not go back I live nearby you want to come with me? I'm Jess by the way
- Dave
They go without saying anything hand in hand The noise coming out of the nightclub is fading and all that's left is Jess's heels knocking They're stopping in front of a panel They sneak in quietly like thieves On the third floor they finally hit the finish line and Jess is messing with the lock and she can barely open it with her trembling hands He's finally working his way through the last hurdle He turns on the lights in the lobby and kicks off their shoes Dave pushes her against the wall lifts her up with one hand and with the other she caresses long smooth thighs and more and more adventures under the skirt He puts her in his lap and goes to the living room with her
He'll be scouring the area in a split second The room has a very feminine erotic atmosphere There are framed pictures of the girls on the pale red wall The huge black couch is filling the space He gently lays his prey on the soft carpet with his mouth searching for sensitive points on his neck The girl's moan increases her excitement impatiently undresses her She pulls off her sexy lace-up dress and then she finds a new place for herself on the couch He's admiring the view They're irresistible to the pink nipples that are eager to please One with his hands the other with his tongue He enjoys the feel of the round breasts taking turns sucking on them
Meanwhile his hand goes down down the tight belly all the way to the French lace panties He slips down and rips the girl off her panties He's got a bald pink pussy right in front of him She loves it so much she really wants to get into it but she doesn't want to rush into anything she wants to enjoy every minute of this night When you roll your finger over that delicious little peach it gets really wet you know how much Jess wants it He gives her little kisses then gently licks her tasting the fluids She pulls out the big lips and her tongue dances fast in her He holds it tight in his butt and holds it so he can't wiggle
Jess can't take it anymore He wants to feel it inside of him as deep as possible You force it off and you fall on the shirt He kisses her wildly while he fights with the buttons()


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