Rica mamada de yairena la enfermera que tanto le gusta la cojan

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Teca still wasn't at work because Bela wasn't released from the hospital I needed his notes to pay off the women So I went to him I saw him very tense nervous
- What's the matter?
- It's all worked out my husband won't let him go home there's been another complication And you too boss are totally ignoring me you have time for everyone but me
- Teca I seem to remember I didn't pledge allegiance Give me the papers and I'll be on my way
- Stay I'm sorry I'm such a mess I'm such a mess
He ran after me and he fell on my neck
- What can I do to make you want me again?
- Maybe you could be a little more adventurous and creative - I was being mean to him
He thought about it and then his hand slowly slipped on my pants and he stroked my dick And then he knelt in front of me and he unbuckled my belt and he pulled my pants down with my brass knuckles My gun fluttered and wavered half-hard in front of him He licked it and then gently milked it When he felt it hard enough he put it in his mouth
"Yes that's what I'm talking about" I rejoiced
He was squatting and licking me tenderly sucking my dick Then he took it out of his mouth and licked it several times from the base His hands got into the game and he was rubbing up and down on the slimy Dong You did very well but what I don't know is why you've been hiding this God-given talent He took it out of his mouth again but his hand kept going up and down on the pulsating pole On the tip of my ACORN a tear appeared sensuously licked it He looked up at me and he saw I was so wasted he smiled
 Come on Come on I want it in my mouth - he whispered
Such a request could not be denied He put my dick around his lips again and my first shot came right in his mouth He was surprised but he didn't take his head off His mouth was full of semen he swallowed it moaned when the last drop was gone he let the tormented tool out of his mouth I helped him up I held him he held me tight I undressed her and I stepped out of my pants at my ankles I put him on the edge of the table and I fell over I opened his legs and I caressed his cunt and he was all wet His large clitoris slowly emerged from the cover of the skin I leaned on him I licked him gently he groaned and his body shook I took into account the growing clitoris and started sucking it gently He cried out and spread his legs as far as he could I put my finger in the wet shell and got it inside He greeted my pampering gasping throwing his body When his special clitoris rose to its full size I let it out of my mouth I held the glowing part of the body between my fingers at the base and slowly began to milk it With my other hand I took my hard cock and adjusted it to the entrance of the vagina I came in he screamed his body stretched out and he sprayed all over me
I let go of her clitoris put her legs on my shoulder held her thighs tightly and started to fuck her wildly I pushed myself hard and deep into him and he was moaning loudly I showed him no mercy he was already writhing under me Our bodies were glued together with sweat my feet were shakingI felt the ejaculation coming I took his legs off my shoulders he put them on the edge of the table he opened his lap to me I pulled my cock out of the wet shell and touched the perky clitoris He exclaimed shuddering into the lust my testicles throbbed with the throbbing of their sweet burden I watered the glowing clitoris abundantly with my sperm Teca had multiple orgasms screaming and flinching Then he passed away his body calmed down his eyes caught up and gasping staring at the ceiling I took a little breather myself helped him off the table He put his arm around my neck and kissed me on the mouth
"Stay with me" he begged
 I'm afraid I can't go but that was delicious I admit
I caressed him and I left On the way I was thinking about how far I could go with Teca and I felt like I could make her do anything
On returning to the cellar Mr Gyula came into the office
 Boss I want to ask you something but I don't know where to start
It was interesting Mr Gyula and I spoke to each other from the beginning We were close and he was my man of confidence and I could trust him with anything
"Perhaps at first" I said
 You know there's this woman the Gizike and I really like her I'd like you to put in a good word for me
- Who's Gizike?
- Oh boss the Cook's a woman
- Oh Mamma What Would Mr Gyula like to date or just fuck?
- My intentions are serious will you help me?
 Of course I'll do everything I can to make it work
That's how I became a pimp The next time Mamma came to work I talked to her
- Mamma you have a secret admirer and he asked me to intervene with you


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