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At the age of 20 college life which means "full-time" to a lot of people was just a side job for me Besides the work and most of all the discovery of sexuality the more frequent it was I was distracted by my thoughts and my time
As for the family being left behind as the child of irresponsible parents I was raised by grandparents who Learning from their shortcomings in raising their child were more strict than me in many ways taking "short reins" His childhood in the ' 90s in the country didn't really suit his present form at least not quite Almost all households still had pets horses cattlepigs fowls which the son of man had already taken part in the care of The smaller or larger "kitchen garden" around the house was also a place where if there was any excess energy after school and lesson writing it could be used for smaller tasks corresponding to the current season I feel that this era has a decisive role in one's life and those who grew up in such or similar environments can call themselves lucky
High school was about learning the general knowledge necessary to become an adult thanks to our teachers who were more respected than we are now First sexual encounters of course At 16 losing your virginity in a pleasure house getting to know each other at a house party disco prom and everywhere life gave you the opportunity because Facebook hasn't been :)
17-year-old driver's license first car Party car pickup A lot of weekends with friendsand a special girl girls car music sometimes drinking culturally good times strictly without drugs
After graduation I took a slice of the family business that did freight I invested in a new car So by the time I was 19 I started off on weekends with the smell of a new car and admittedly the pick-up was quite simple Many times you get to the level where you stop and get out (many times you didn't have to quit) girls come up have a little chat and then after the common sympathy the girl sits next to you find a place to have sex say it out loud or without words Hot summers partying with strangers friends leaving memories a lot of things happened but something was missing The woman Love
I met the love of my life at a local disco in my summer of 20 years The red flame-haired woman my age The party was in an ordinary already bored mood and I was on my way home when a girlie-looking girl who was six feet tall and a head shorter came up to me with a bluish eye lamp around her eyelids smiling bright eyes Fresh cheerful cheerful beautiful but still young to me I thought at first glance The music is screaming:
- Hi - hi
- Hi - hi
- Can I join you?
- Oh yeah The others are out by the car
- Okay you got any booze? I'm thirsty
- Yeah come on
We've done it many times with a trunk filled with all kinds of booze and then when the party gets to the cool part some of us go out to the car listen to music open luggage first discreet then accompanied by more and more heavy drinks As I later found out(he had observed me several timesbut I did not notice him) he drew his precious bottle of Whiskey for courage and communicated with our company in a much louder and more cheerful mannerI drove most of our tight Company home at dawn and it was just the two of us at the bus stop in the car waiting for the girl's bus to come
We had such a nice talk that after the first 5: 00 am bus he sat next to me at 7: 00 am We went to the Danube shore where we watched the sunrise on the benches next to the ferry port The conversation gradually quieted down between us and we just stared at each other I didn't really get a chance to see it until now only with the light of the Rising Sun She's a very thin girl with a delicate proportional body with tiny breasts snow-white skin and flame-red hair smiling brown eyes A fragrant delicate fruit whose proximity gives you a very pleasant tingling sensation I didn't really have the words so I thought if I didn't do something nowit would fly away So I told him I didn't even notice which one of us was tallercan I see? I drew her close to me I could feel her fresh scent her close face and the heat of her lips First kiss :)
We went on a couple of dates when we couldn't take it anymorewhich means I couldn't and we slept together first The night after work though a little tired the excitement made me feel like it was morning()


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