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Roger and his family moved in next door to us when we were both 10 and then we became best friends I always thought we could be mirror images of each other For example we have similar looks except I have dark hair and she has light hair We both have a sister a year younger and we both have average boring parents who would actually be completely interchangeable Even our houses are similar two huge two-story craps in the middle of a crowded street But if we're a reflection then Roger's the original and I'm his reflection He drives I follow
He had a fast rhythm but I couldn't pick up the pace and I just followed him That was generally true of everything but especially about getting laid Roger's already more experienced than I'll ever be We're only 19 but he's like a wise old dog He keeps telling me stories and giving me advice and sometimes he lets me watch and learn
In my room on the top floor of our house there's a huge window that looks right at Roger's room window When we were younger we realized that because of The Shape of our houses and the distance between them no one could see through them from the bottom or from any other window It was our secret connection and when we were kids we felt really good Later when we were older Roger figured that when he took a girl up to his room he would open the curtains and leave the lights on That didn't happen very often because it was hard enough to sneak girls into the apartment but when Roger told me he was gonna get the chance I sat by my window with the lights off
A few weeks ago when I was getting ready for bed I remembered that nothing like this had happened for a long time I thought maybe we'd forgotten all about it Roger hasn't said anything lately and I haven't asked him I couldn't remember the last time I looked at her my blinds were almost always down
That night just for fun I closed the blinds Roger had the curtains open and the lights were on He was with a girl and they were both naked Roger was sitting on the bed she was sucking his dick So Roger didn't forget about it after all But why didn't he tell me? She used to close the curtains when she didn't want me to see her You wanted me to find out on my own? I was wondering what he was up to
She took Roger's dick out of his mouth and stood up I was amazed when I saw his face It was Becky her sister Oh my god He's having sex with his sister And you wanted me to see it?
I always thought Becky was a hot girl and now I know she's capable of forbidden things She has long blonde hair thin waist and very big breasts He's good friends with my sister Rachel I wonder if Rachel knows anything about this I wonder how long they've been doing it And why the hell is he fucking his sister? This is totally unexpected
Becky got up on the bed leaned forward clung to her two elbows and lifted her butt a little bit His head was resting on the mattress and he looked towards the window almost straight at me But it was dark in my room so he couldn't see me Roger stood behind him and slowly drove his dick into his sister's pussy Becky closed her eyes strained her back her breasts brushed against the sheets
- What are you doing?
Suddenly I woke up Rachel was at the door Damn it I forgot to lock the door
- Well I uh-I moaned like an idiot My sister must have stopped at my door on her way from the bathroom He was wearing a long shirt and getting ready for bed
- What are you looking at? - you asked as you walked into my room
I should have pulled the blinds back then I could have easily done it before my sister could see anything But I didn't I don't even know why
Rachel stood by me
"Oh that's Roger" he said in indifference "And so horny" he smiled and poked me in the shoulder - Did he close the curtains so you could see him? How sick is that?
Then he leaned closer
 Wait that's Becky He's fucking his sister
"Sshhh" I said though our parents couldn't hear us because their room is downstairs and the other side of the House
- What the hell are they doing? How can they do that?
"I don't know" I shrugged my shoulders in the dark
- How long have they been doing this?
- I don't know "This is the first time I've seen them" I replied
'That's disgusting' said Rachel but she stood by me and watched
Roger was banging his sister one foot on the bed one foot on the floor Before each stroke he paused pressed his tail against Becky's pussy and slipped it in and gently pulled it out Becky grabbed the edge of the bed threw her head back her body trembled It seemed as if every time he pushed he was holding back the scream of pleasure


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