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Eniko often imagined what it would be like when she accidentally walked in on her son and interrupted him masturbating At this time in his mind he had always found a way to engage in conversation with her encouraging her not to stop or even strip completely because naked masturbation is much more comfortable And then when it really happened he was embarrassed He just said he was sorry and quickly closed the door
'I didn't want to disturb you' she said to Robbie when his son ventured out of his room
'I didn't hear you come home' said the boy in a very low voice
 You know Son none of us have any reason to be embarrassed For a 14-year-old boy it's natural that he likes to masturbate In fact I'd be worried if you didn't do it regularly
"I do it every day" said the boy reluctantly
"Well done" said his mother - And who do you think about?
- When to whom
- What were you fantasizing about today?
- The math teacher
- Is she pretty?
- Very nice
- Did you picture her naked?
- Yeah
- What did you think it was like? Will you write it down for me?
- Well she's so pretty It's not thin but it looks good on her And she's got big tits
"I have very large breasts too" said Enico laughing but when he saw Robi blushing to her ears he did not want to push the conversation any further
It was two days before they were alone at home again
- Have you masturbated today? "Eniko asked looking curiously at her son
- Why do you ask?
 I found a movie online that I think you'd like
- What's it about?
- A holiday for a nudist group of friends There's a lot of nudity in there
- Can I see it?
- You can look but I have a request
- What are you thinking?
- I want you to stop being shy and let us have an uninhibited conversation about sex It might as well be a part of you bravely naked in front of me masturbating when I'm looking at you
Robi's blushing now but Eniko saw how much she liked the idea
- And how do you start such unscrupulous? - the boy asked
'I think it's by stripping' replied The wife
- You want me to take my clothes off?
"Yes" said Enico saying the long-planned phrase - naked masturbation is more comfortable
- When do I get undressed? Right now?
- I think right now You seem determined and brave enough
The boy nodded and took off his clothes in slow motion He looked right in front of you only raising his eyes when he pulled down his underwear and stepped out of it For a moment it seemed as if he was instinctively trying to cover himself but then he stopped his movement and looked his mother in the eye with his shoulders out boldly
"How beautiful you are" said Eniko - Come on I'll show you where to find the movie online
The boy really liked the movie A group of 15-to 16-year-old friends went to the beach where they camped in an abandoned Summer House Everyone stripped naked bathed merrily in the sea feathered on the beach
- Can I masturbate? - Robby asked and looked at his mother - these girls are beautiful
"Yes" said Enico - Have a good time Could you move the chair a little further away from the computer so I can see you better?
Robby sat back and turned so his mom could see him and the monitor at the same time
He began to masturbate and Eniko talked to him about the film but sometimes he even praised his skill in delaying his joy and he still did not come
The next day it wasn't the wifeit was Robbie who brought it up
 Would you like me to masturbate in front of you today?
'Yes' said his mother - But I'm showing you another movie today
- What's it about?
- Surprise Strip
The boy took off his clothes even his socks and took them off and stood proudly in front of his mother
- Seehe's getting up
- Very good What do you call it to yourself?
- My dick? A dick or a dick
- It's too big for that Robby we have to call a tool this big a dick Not for Dick
The boy was placed in front of the computer and he was looking forward to the movie
- What's the surprise?
- You'll see "Who is curious will soon grow old" said Enico opening a folder on the screen
- But that's you "the boy cried when the characters of the film appeared"
The film shows her parents with a couple of teenagers They opened champagne and after a little talk a toast his father started to undress the girl his mother started to undress him
- Are you getting naked in it? This is gonna be porn right? 'Robby asked but the question was over because he felt the foolishness of his question'


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