Public Fuck in Swimming Pool Changing Room

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Jena gave me her card on the Four of Clubs table They took the smaller card they had to go to the store for beer and ice As Ken put on his shorts Jena suggested you just put on a bathing suit for a little show-and-tell Jena bubujt in her red two-piece bikini Ken was wearing the speedo of the black boxers Robyn and Arnold were lying naked in the hot sun on their sun loungers lazy and drinking their beers
It was 3:00 on Saturday and all four of them were eagerly waiting for the sexual game which will soon begin during the hot summer day Jena and Ken said good-bye jumped into their SUV headed to the convenience store which was only a few minutes away
Ken pulled into the parking lot and stopped the engine
Jena quickly reached down and began caressing the front of Ken's speedo with which she was able to erect Ken's tail Ken rolled back and enjoyed the soft touch of his beautiful hand Ken stretched out his hand touched Jena's nipple in the upper of the bikini and gently excited through the bikini material until it was visible through the fabric
- OK Jena it's better to finish and go in
They entered the store ignoring the astonishment of the clerk and clerk about their attire They were on their way back soon
As they passed through the gate there was an exciting sight Arnold was lying in the deck chair Robyn was sitting on the footpath her beautiful butt was standing on the sky sucking Arnold's dick softly
Ken and Jena looked at each other and smiled
Ken filled up the cooler and Jena sat down on a chair and watched Robyn pamper her husband Ken also sat on a chair next to Jena and watched Robyn enjoy Arnold's cock
Ken liked to watch him play with Arnold; he loved the feeling he got when he saw Robyn enjoying himself with another man or woman It was a great shared feeling looking close and loving Robyn took Arnold's cock in his hands stroked it in front of his face glided his tongue up and down his pole his lips wide open and put it in his mouth Robyn's left hand was massaging Arnold's balls holding his tail with his right hand forming a great tunnel sliding his hands up and down
He slowly swallowed the cock and looked into Arnold's eyes to see how much pleasure it gave him
Arnold was enchanted by the sight and he couldn't take his eyes off the Great blonde woman who swallowed his dick It's been minutes since Robyn excited her tail all the way to the orgasm limit
Jena took off her bikini top and watched the couple start massaging her breasts Kan's Dick came to life as soon as he took off his Speedo
Jena could see Robyn's cunt from behind watching with interest seeing as it would become wetter and wetter her lips opening and her clitoris rising from the cup
Robyn kept sucking Arnold's Dick and he had sweat drops on his back in his buttocks and on his face Jena he wanted to use Arnold's dick to wipe the sweat off his face so he got Arnold almost to come Suddenly he stopped and raised his breasts in the air which now swung rhythmically back and forth while perspiration spread out drops
"Oh my god oh my God" moaned Robyn moving her hips and butt faster eating Arnold's dick again He was struck by lightning and he was swept through his entire body
Pleasure covered her body she moaned sighed and the sexual pleasure took over her completely He didn't touch you but he kept moving his ass up and down Arnold struggled with the increasingly demanding orgasm trying to hold him back as long as possible
There was moisture dripping down Robyn's thighs as her pleasure began to calm down and she continued her wild excessive blow job on Arnold's cock Robyn was totally having sex and she wanted to fuck all day from here on out
Jena got up pulled off her bikini bottom He walked up to KE bent over and whispered in his ear:
- Just watch and enjoy
He walked up behind Robyn and put his hands on her butt and started giving her a massage Arnold was so excited to see his wife behind Robyn he had to deal with a completely unexpected orgasm


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