(GN) Strangers touch’n Strangers

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It's August It's hot I decided to go out and have a good time and try to hook up with someone I've arranged to meet some friends and go together I got up to Budapest at 8: 00 pm The meeting was scheduled outside the station I thought only people I knew were coming:) I waited a while and I saw them coming from a distance I thought it was strange that there were one more than I knew When they got closer I got a better look at who was coming with them Well that was quite a sight We were exactly the same height thin build blonde hair blue eyes She had a very pretty face It's a little girly which I don't like so much but the sight made up for it We introduced ourselves we kept our eyes on each other and we smiled the whole time and then we left
We got to the party there were a lot of people and the music was screaming and the best guys were furious We sat down with Baláz and started talking Getting to know each other drinking laughing as usual :) I found out he was 18 years old He was a year younger than me And then we went dancing
Once it was about midnight I saw something was bothering him I was about to ask him what was wrong with him but he beat me to it and he told me there's a boy in front of him and he's looking at him all the time and it's really annoying No wonder I don't like people staring at me all the time We kept drinking Balázs was getting more and more annoyed by that guy We didn't know him we just saw him wearing a new white shirt and shorts and looking at him leaning against the wall He couldn't take it anymore so he sat closer to me and whispered something in my ear
"I'm going to do something soon I'm just asking you to forgive me I'm just doing this to get this guy to finish "
I told him it was okay he can do whatever he wants We waited a few minutes and he whispered something again
"Can I do it now? "
I told you to do it :)
She hugged me and kissed me And my heart was pounding It wasn't a long short kiss but it felt really good I had a crush on that guy right there The poor thing started to explain to me that she did this just so that the other person wouldn't look at her that we were together That worked because he left I told bazooka to relax it's okay it felt really good to me and we can get on with it He smiled and kissed me again From that moment on we didn't have to pretend that we were together we acted like a real couple in love And then we admitted to each other that when we saw each other on the street we knew something had to happen between us I had a really good night and I was looking forward to going home and finally having something more than a kiss Because he asked me if he could stay over Of course I agreed I didn't have anyone and this guy looked really good and you couldn't say no
We're home I gave him a tour of the apartment Of course I showed you the bedroom He wanted to take a shower so I gave him a towel slippers and walked him in but he asked me to come out and wait for him in the room
Well I had no choice but to wait It wasn't that long Her hair was wet even her body was a little wet She had a beautiful body Sporty slightly stringy completely hairless I almost jumped him But before that I had a shower I was in a hurry to get back to the room as soon as I could When I finished and went back I had a wonderful sight again Balázs was lying on my bed with nothing on He was spread out and stroked his stomach with one hand I couldn't get a word in edgewiseI just stood at the door That's when I saw him waxing all over the place His dick was hairless and he looked beautiful I was still standing at the door when he turned around and showed me his butt Tight round naturally hairless tanned Then he spoke
"Do you want to give me a massage? "
As you said I was already on the edge of the bed I was afraid to touch him at first She had beautiful silky skin She asked me to sit on her and massage her back I took my towel off too Well I had my dick in the right place I started to massage gently Neck shoulder back lower and lower I got to the bottom I started grabbing it massaging it getting stronger She liked it because she was moaning so hard I couldn't help myself so I leaned over and started kissing her ass
First round and round thighs buttocks everywhere And then I started getting deeper and deeper with my tongue I made it to the entrance Even that was beautiful I kissed her gently licked her He enjoyed it because he even lifted his hip to give me more access I was licking his anus more and more Sometimes I put my tongue in It was very clean so I hid it in peace()


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