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I walked a little scared to the White door of Anna's garden house It's a good thing he set up the reunion and that's it 'cause I sure as hell wouldn't have recognized him' cause 15 years is a long time
I looked at my watch and saw the indicators with great surprise
Oh my God I thought to myself Did I spend so much time picking out the dress?
Then you'll be happy to see me and I hope someone will at least compliment me on my red dress when I've searched my entire wardrobe for this dress Besides I was hoping they wouldn't think it was slutty ' cause my boobs are a little visible I was hoping my blonde hair would look the way I did it in front of the mirror because if it didn't I don't know what I'm doing
My little black purse was hanging on my forearm while I was trying not to drop the 30 French creams I had a thousand thoughts about who he looked like and what he'd become
- NÓRI "Anna cried with joy after opening the door
This loud cry immediately pulled me out of my thoughts into the real world and the confused smile was already sitting on my face I entered the hall in my red high heels where Anna in a white blouse and black pants took the cookies out of my hand and invited me in
"everyone is already here" he said as I entered the living room with fear of bubbling champagne in almost everyone's hands
As soon as I walked in everyone greeted me
- Hey guys - I smiled
The first person I recognized immediately was Sisi At that moment I was free and I walked up to him at the table full of cookies and saltines
- Hi Nóri - Hi Hi
- Hi - hi Oh my god it's so good to see you - I showed my devotion  I've read your bachelorette party a hundred times I'm a huge fanI just love you
Sisi showed me her smile and her white teeth
- Thanks Nóri This is really good - he hugged me - Tell me about yourself How have you been? What do you do for a living?
- I'm good thanks I'm a journalist at Cosmopolitan
- What's it like? - sipped on his champagne
- It's wonderful I'm very comfortable there
- That's the point If…
- Nóri dear - Hi - hi  I was approached by a very familiar voice
I turned around and saw Sandi in a white blazer and a blouse She looked amazing which I memorized after a short hug and three kisses She held her long brown hair in a ponytail giving her smooth and well-groomed face a great deal of space
"Your French cream is divine" he said
"Thank you" I smiled
- Nice to meet youI'll talk to you later
- Me too All right then
He walked away from us with it and I turned back to Sisi who tasted my cream
"It is delicious" he said
- Thank you There was something you wanted to tell me before sandals came I reminded him
- I just wanted to compliment you on your hair and your figure Quite a pair of twins up there
I looked down at my breasts and I was proud of them right away and then I brushed my hair back with my hands It felt really good to get a compliment from my ex - girlfriend and my current role model
- Nóri?  I was approached by a man but the voice was not familiar
I turned around and saw a man in a suit a few inches taller with broad shoulders She looked great and had a great face His dark brown hair was combed which means he followed fashion
- This sucks I don't recognize youI'm sorry
- It's Okay I'm not surprised
- Shh Deni - he whispered to me
- No way - I couldn't believe it - Holy shit Oops
Deni laughed
In front of me was Dénes Pinté who in high school was a skinny nerdy guy who I used to be friends with but most of the time I was just with him for a lesson The poor child has been humiliated and humiliated by the older and the classmates and that speechless little boy has become a handsome man I couldn't believe my eyes
- You've changed a lot too
 Yeah Sisi already told me I had big twins
We laughed
 Well that's not what I meant but while we're at it yeah They got bigger too I can't believe they've grown this big since you were 18 Are they real?
- Take it if you want
Why did I just say that? My stomach's stuck
- No I'm good Um I'll be right back
- Okay
I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong with me in that moment How could I tell him to hold it? Maybe because I haven't been with a man in four months and I'm gonna explode if I don't have a sex hour My body told me I had to get a snake to the drop stone cave quickly or else I could watch my hymen grow back
I looked at the other men in the giant room which means the other two that didn't make me feel wet at all One of them was Bene Martin who had the same size and same hideous glasses as in high school()


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