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He was almost 50 years old and he didn't show it Her dark hair had no gray hair she was fit and energetic her bright blue eyes always glistened merrily It was just the two of us living together so he used to bring women up for a night Because our room was facing each other I could always hear what was going on and I admit I imagined him screwing me like a prostitute and I used to masturbate to these thoughts and voices I knew he'd be at work all day he wouldn't be home till late so I went into his room this afternoon sat down in front of his computer and started a sex tape His computer had a lot of kinky sex so I used to watch it there In the film a typical red Chinai woman took her clothes off then a man came in and licked her In the meantime I was slowly caressing myself and it was exciting to do it in his room My hand went down from my chest first to my stomach then to the zipper of my fly In the meantime I began to sigh softly and then louder I got up and undressed and all I had left was my bra and my panties All I did was throw my clothes on his bed and sit in front of the machine
In the film the woman had already been cruelly fucked by two men I kept stroking myself When my hand touched my pin I sighed loudly I circled it and stuck a finger in it but just a little bit I could feel my vagina throbbing inside I had my other hand on my chest Sometimes I'd pull my finger out of my vagina and lick my juice off it And then my hand went from my breast to my PIN and I gently circled it while I fingered myself with my other hand and profoundly embezzled it I could feel it coming and I could hear footsteps and the door opening I looked at him and I saw him at the door looking at me in amazement I couldn't move from surprise my hands between my legs petrified and all I could do was look at her He woke up first She looked at my boobs come finish in your room He came up to me and he looked at me and he put his arm around my waist and he put on my clothes and he walked me out of the room On the way to the door I could feel his hand slipping up almost touching my breast Then suddenly I turned to him took his hand and put it on my breast or rather on my bra
- I shouldn't you know I kissed her without saying a word Kissing her was different than kissing any other man He was an incredible kisser I shook his kiss his pleasure and I felt he enjoyed it I rubbed my waist against his groin felt his manhood begin to fade
- I want you - I moaned when I kissed him and he took me in his arms and sat me on his bed
- Hmm who taught you to kiss? he was smiling
"No one" I replied
"Come I'll teach you" he said kissing me on the lips again Slowly circling my mouth with his tongue pushing it deeper and deeper Meanwhile one hand got on my chest and the other hand got on my thigh and started caressing me excruciatingly He put his arms around me and he started pulling my bra out at my shoulder When it was done my big shapely breasts came out looking at them at length
- Uh they got really big which made her face really cute I smiled He grabbed them and I was thrilled by his touch and my arms got goose bumps from excitement He drew me close to him by my side and I could feel his standing phallus through my trousers put his strong hand on my face and kissed me again
"Come feel free to put your tongue in my mouth" he said between kisses I did as he said which gave him a lustful sigh His mouth went down first through my chin then through my neck down to my breast He caressed them while he was doing ithe was a pro And then he sat me across from you and I spread my legs and he started stroking my lap through my underwear while he was kissing me She slowly spread her legs so I with her slipped away when she reached in feeling my moisture
"You must be very delicate" he smiled at me and lifted his finger from my sap to his mouth and began to lick it with excitement Meanwhile I was stroking his forearm and he put his finger in my mouth gleaming with saliva He drew his finger across my upper lip and I took it without saying a word It was really good it looked sweeter from her finger I licked everything that was left of it He put his finger all over my mouth and then he pulled it out and he was rubbing my nipples with it and he was kissing me and with his other hand he was touching my finger I was on the verge of enjoying myself sneaking out loud which she liked my body writhing in her strong arms I couldn't even kiss her anymoreI just put my head back with my lips open when she slowly stopped caressing me
'Calm down' he said quietly and with this he laid me on my back We looked into each other's eyes for a long time and I was still breathing and he smiled at me calmly()


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