hemmungslos und hart

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We went hiking My buddy suggested it wouldn't be so hot on a Saturday so we could do a blue tour of the ridge I didn't have anything more important to do so I agreed just because it's been a long time since I've been in the woods and we used to go almost every weekend but around 40 the enthusiasm got a little less intense I don't do the Blue tour but these two I mean with his wife yeah they don't need much more to go on
So I got up early they picked me up and we hit the road I've known them a long timeSimon and I became buddies in my studies we went to college together He met his wife Anita later after a few failed relationships and luckily they were very close Of course I was glad to have a great relationship with Anita but that never got to jealousy
The sky was only covered by a few small pieces of cloud but the sun was sparkling Luckily we were only in the middle of spring so there was no need to be afraid of dead heat The melancholy accumulated in the winter gray months the sun was driven away in no time I was happy I drank the smell of spring coming through the window I like to think of erotic thoughts who doesn't? I was just playing in my head right now
Simon and I used to talk about sexual things and even once the three of us got into a situation where we had sex experiences I found out among other things that at first they were very afraid of being pregnant and they were trying to get anal so as not to accidentally have a baby as a result of a relationship that would have pretty much screwed up the students at the beginning of their college studies And then I found out my buddy's size and other intimate secrets
It was like this now and we were so distracted that I got a hard-on I was in the backseat Simon was driving and luckily I didn't have to hide my bulging pants too much Anita was laughing but I didn't think any of you would be embarrassed by it Anita's always been like this no taboo to her she'd rather talk about everything than admit she was upset about it Perhaps you felt pity for someone who was afraid to express such opinions
Simon must have been upset too because one minute he put his right hand on Anita's chest and grabbed her
- Come on man - it sounded from the seat in front of me
- All right
Simon took his hand I've often thought that every first sexual encounter has a point where all hell breaks loose The Little Devil Inside Me ordered me to cross that point I didn't see the consequences My pants are very tense it almost hurt I put my right hand in the front and put it gently on the right breast of Anita in the passenger seat
Nobody said a word I imagined Anita's face the shock of what I did to her Simon hadn't noticed it yet but he noticed the silence and moments later he was watching my hand resting on Anita's breast Then he looked at me and then he looked at Anita's breasts again Then he grinned As Anita did not try to remove my intrusive hand I began to rub her big breasts with caution I couldn't feel her nipples from the bra and the T-shirt but I kept massaging her with more and more firm movements My other hand joined in so holding the seat-back my head pressed into the headrest my hands protruding I now have possession of both breasts
The car swerved and stopped I didn't realize Simon had turned off the main road and taken us on some back road There was a huge cornfield on the right while Acacia was lining the road from the left But I didn't care as much as I did about the feel of the two newly acquired big soft breasts Simon shut down the engine and pushed my hand aside and pulled up Anita's shirt He wanted to see me continue to fight with his partner's breasts
Now I moved freely and became bolder and I put my fingers under the underbelly straps of the Brassiere and lifted them and dropped the two breasts out into the open and held them again I wasn't really surprised when I felt the nipples pushing hard into my palm I grabbed them and gently pressed them both A barely audible sigh came up from the passenger seat and from the driver's seat at the same time I looked at Simon and he wanted to get rid of his pants quickly and Anita's left hand helped me do that A few seconds later Anita's hand was sledding up and down Simon's hard penis
I was intoxicated by sexual desire almost bursting out of my pants but I didn't have the heart to stop spoiling Anita And I'd rather have my dick stretched than let go of my tits But then I had to because the space was too tight for the three of us and everyone wanted more no one could fit in()


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