A Part Of The Job

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- 1 -
"You're lucky" said Margo to her friend - I envy you
"You may envy me" replied Elke He reached out on the couch and with his elbow he poked the shoulder of the girl sitting next to him
Margo grabbed the wrist that was swinging over her head and she bent Elke's right arm over her shoulder The two girls sit around in friendly hugs talking like that
- I'd love to go to Budapest instead of you and then to Plattensee for a swim
- My mother told me that her colleague where we'll be staying for a few days has a 17-year-old son
Margo made a funny pout with her lips and smacked me in the air
- Don't ruin the toy on that little boy
Elke laughed
- The plaything of a 17-year-old Hungarian hard-ass is not easy to destroy
- How do you know that? Have you ever dealt with a 17-year-old Hungarian boy?
- Not for me but for Hilda
Margo knew Hilda Elke's cousin She was a bloody girl and she ate a different guy a week One time the three of you went to the movies and by the time the movie was over Hilda had already made the boy next to her whom she had known only by sight from the next street
 I can only imagine what your cousin told you
- You can imagine - Elke's left hand slipped between his thighs the fabric of the thin skirt tucked between his thighs
- I see you still have a thing for her - it wasn't uncommon between Margo and Elke that they were helping each other when they talked about sex-hungry teenagers having sex with each other These chats sometimes excite them so much that they could not live without the pleasures of their own bodies and then they indulged each other for the greater pleasure So Elke wasn't too surprised when his girlfriend's fingers rolled over his own and they followed his hand to visit the valley between the split thighs
- I'll see if he can play with my lap as well as you can
"You are not clumsy" said Margo putting her hand on her own lap but as she did not want him to get cold she quickly reattached her fingers between her thighs and gently grasped her body Elke sighed and lifted his lap so that the agile fingers could get deeper into it
Alex had been waiting a long time for this but the boy ran like a coward He's been pestering her for weeks asking for dates and still barely touched her Now Margo's fingers gave her the pleasures that Alex was supposed to serve after all this time He tried so hard to give the boy courage but it was no use While kissing on their evening walks he felt that the boy was not indifferent to him that his body was firm and powerful but in vain if Alex did not know what to do with his desires He put his groin up and down over the boy's tool offered his body in other ways and the coward refused to take the initiative
He was most angry at the behaviour of the helpless child on a night like this when he felt kissing and rubbing that the boy in the midst of loud breathing would lose his mind with pleasure and then after a moan he would relax and become completely passive
As a remedy Elke did not leave his girlfriend's efforts unfulfilled She pulled her skirt up to her stomach in a quick motion so that Margo wouldn't have to avoid the dress and then she turned her attention to her friend
He unbuttoned the shorts on the girl's hard belly and touched her Margo tried to make it easier for him as she had just done and she lifted her butt from the mattress so that the pants could fall under her buttocks towards her thighs
Elke was not satisfied with that when the pants were down he tried to stuff the panties below his girlfriend's white skin
"Take it off too" said Margo jumping up for a moment and desecrating herself below the waist
Elke was sitting out of her skirt and then she pulled her panties off but she found it too little She pulled her blouse through her head without unbuttoning it The shirt got stuck in the top of his head and he took an impatiently swing at it Two buttons opened a third one fell off and then the rest surrendered obediently and the blouse was flying somewhere towards the corner of the room
There was no bra under Margo's blouse when she came out of it and she was about to lose two little breasts She did not have large breasts but the nipples were still firm from the top and they glanced a little bit to the side a little forward like two hard pears He would have reached for his own breasts to squeeze massage but Elke beat him to it The price of this was that she did not take off her own bra which she had entrusted to Margo to remove


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