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Betty heard the key ring in the lock and the door opens He was glad something was finally happening I was terribly uncomfortable lying on my stomach handcuffed completely numb
- I'm going to untie youyou're going to start your shift On your feet
They went downstairs Betti had to pee very much at that time but it never occurred to his master that his slave could have such needs She felt she couldn't take it anymore so she took a chance on a request
- Mistress please I really need to pee Please allow your slave to relieve himself
- I didn't let you say anything If I think of permission to pee I'll let you know There's only one thing you can do You wait until I tell you and if you can't wait you pee But there will be punishment for that You might get a catheter so you don't have to worry about this need For once I'll let you pee
He had to leave the toilet door open and the seat up and he had to sit on the China
It was humiliating to pee like that but the Rapids started right away It was such a relief But the mistress forbade him to flush the toilet
After that Betty was instructed to serve dinner to her master The menu of roast beef salad and cake could have been brought from a restaurant and all Betty had to do was take the dishes from the kitchen to the dining room While his master was eating the slave stood behind him and refilled the glass on command In the meantime he felt more and more hungry for the last time he ate before the auction this morning At the end of dinner he was ordered to collect the rest and take it to the restroom Here the lady took the plate out of her hand and put it all in the toilet
- On your knees and eat
Betty hesitated
- You have three minutes to eat everything or you won't eat for three days and I'll punish you
The toilet smelled like piss and the food was soaked But hunger and fear prevailed taking everything out one by one and eating it
- Go to the bathroom and fix my bath Use the lavender-scented oil I like the medium hot bath You have to figure out the exact temperature
In the corner of the huge bathroom was a large HydroMassage tub Betty rinsed it out and then she turned on the water He tried for a long time to set the temperature but he couldn't decide As he looked back he saw his master staring at him with a look of food
- Tough decision? You better be right about my taste or you'll be punished Of course
At last the bath was full and the mistress took off her clothes and put her fingers in it and then with a sudden gesture slapped the slave kneeling next to her
- It's cold You want me to catch a cold? Pour some hot water right now
As soon as the bath was finally at the right temperature the mistress lay in it - Give me a foot massage- you ordered it Betty found in herself that her master had extremely beautiful pedicured legs The pearlescent varnish looked very good on the tan fingers "now wash me with the shower gel" said he as Dora rose from the water Betty sobbed her long neck her fine firm breasts her belly and gently reached into the foot and then passed through the long muscular thighs In the meantime he was dreading the moment when his master was angry But the bath ended without any trouble Dora stepped out of the water and wrapped herself in a towel from Betty
- Pull the plug then you can get in the tub and get cleaned up quick You can use that soap
- Thank you Mistress for your kindness - she fluttered
As soon as he finished bathing he got a rough over-washed towel and then he had to scrub the tub thoroughly By the time she was done with this the mistress returned in her pyjamas and gown
- You didn't make the right bath You deserve a comma for that But since I'm not in the mood to Bother You'll be spending the night as punishment "Stand up" he said and he yanked the leash
It was cold in the garden They went behind the building where there was a wooden outhouse next to it was a steel cage lit by a lamp on the wall of the House The mistress opened the cage door Betty climbed in It was a relatively spacious structure with a wooden bottom Dora went into the barn and returned with two jutas "you can hide with these" he said locking and locking the cage then turning off the light and leaving
Betty's all alone He covered me with rags It wasn't really cold but after the hot water he shivered The wet leather cuffs have become cold As he settled in for the night he found that the cage was much more spacious than the jail He looked at the blinking stars and then he slowly fell asleep


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