Public Exhibition at Trainyard

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The whole story happened when I was in high school on a school trip Most of the class took part in the tour that was in the surrounding mountains I had a pretty good time with one of the girls before the trip She's a blonde brunette very pretty her breasts are quite big and she's not previously known for disdain for extreme situations kapcsolatokatAz we spent the whole tour together we walked side by side and in the evening my hand got lost between his legs more and more (He was wearing a short sports shorts and of course he wasn't wearing panties) So the night came and he didn't reject it and he even kissed it back once in a while Our sleeping bags were next to each other because we slept outside Of course sleeping wasn't the main part of the night We talked for a very long time and then we lay closer together and we turned the two one-man sleeping bags into two-person sleeping bags He liked that a lot and I liked it a lot I initiated it and I slowly slipped my hand between his legs which he clearly liked And he very kindly started massaging my dick and my dick answered right away()


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