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Our relationship with Viki was by its openness literally soaring I've never had this much fun in any of my previous relationships and I haven't had this much fun Viki used to say that she couldn't get that kind of freedom from any of her boyfriends He could fuck anyone if he wanted to So we both did what felt right and enjoyed it I almost pray that Viki and I will never part ways that this condition will last forever
The story you just described relates to a friend and colleague of mine Zsolti and I have worked together for years We made good friends and understood each other We had a lot of private parties two and sometimes a foursome I'm with Viki Psalm with his woman Fairy We even went on vacation together once across the country There and in the other summer programs our girls lost their clothes and bikinis for nothing Viki is very sexy that way It's got a thong on the bottom and it barely covers the pubic region On top it's basically just covering her nipples You can see her breasts from the side That's when I see Zsolti leave his eyes on him He used to remember how good Viki was She's got a nice ass and a nice rack So I knew he was into her and he'd love to fuck her if she got the green light I didn't know exactly what kind of virility Zsolti had I just saw his dick go to the bathroom sometimes All I could see was that he was always clean and shaved I used to think about how exciting it would be for you to fuck my partner I'd love to see him slip in his wet pussy and squirt it in There may be a real possibility my dear that you always speak positively of Psalms and how much you can take it
My plan was presented and executed around Vicki's birthday I waited in bed for him that night while he was making up I had sex next but before I did I wanted to see if she'd agree to another sex adventure Psolti as a target I didn't want to reveal the identity yet My love has finally arrived with her beautiful naked body
 Sweetheart for your upcoming birthday I want to surprise you with something special
- Really? - yeah You're so cute What's the special? Sleep with a Negro? Or do you want to party with someone?
 Almost but how do you know it's sex-related?
- Honey I know you so who am I supposed to sleep with?
- I won't tell you that yet That would be a surprise We'll cover your eyes and when they're done you can take off the blindfold and see who you fucked I'm just gonna watch and not interfere
- MMM that sounds exciting But you do know I don't sleep with anyone I can't see Would you blindly put your dick in anyone's pussy?
- Trust me honey I know your man ideal well You'll like it
- Yeah but it can't be from anywhere I don't want anyone from work Especially my boss
- It's not from there Calm down you won't be disappointed I'll make sure you enjoy it as much as you can
- All right I'm in I trust you
I've already had my foreplay with that Fucking granite waiting to take a dip in my baby's hot pussy I immediately began to lick it violently I quickly gave him an orgasm I didn't want his blow job this timeI got into his wet pussy In the meantime I had to bring it up
 You're not gonna use a condom with the surprise guy are you? He can come in you too right?
- Of course I do You know I hate condoms and I want him to come inside me So I'm not supposed to enjoy sex with her?
- You're right you should Natural Honey you're an angel
Thanks to the heightened excitement I quickly sprayed his delicious pussy I was very happy that everything went as planned Now all I have to do is talk him out of it I told him about it over lunch at work
- Listen let's talk about our private affairs Do you like Viki?
- Yeah you know I used to say what a beautiful body you have Especially in a bikini
- Can you go for a ride with him?
- As a woman I like her and I want to fuck her But she's your woman so it's forbidden It wouldn't be fair for me to think about something like that or try something like that Our friendship is more important
- You're absolutely right that's fair I wouldn't do that to Fairy How about I already talked him out of it? You can fuck my woman with my consent and in my presence But I won't interfere I'll just watch you
- You mean I can sleep with Viki? And he's in on it? She agreed to have sex with me?
- He likes you that's for sure But you'll be a birthday surprise for him He'll be blindfolded and he'll see you when you're done
- That's a crazy idea but I like it And what if I don't do well for him and he's disappointed in me?


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