Backshots almost made me nut inside her

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Anyway on Sunday morning Jutka comes and wakes me up
- Would you get up finally help me set up the iron table then have breakfast take a shower if you want to go see Lolo
I get out of bed we set it up not that) the iron table the clothes on it iron iron water iron clothes ( because they didn't know the Steam Iron thermostat iron in many places they had a charcoal iron ours was an electric iron) then we go to breakfast I ask Jutka while I eat
- What you said last night is it true?
- Yes because we were approached but your father said he only wanted me
- Lolo asked me about you yesterday She wanted to know if I slept with you I said no You know what we agreed on you deny it pretend you don't know anything about women or anything Okay?
 I understand but why are you saying this? there's something I need to know This is good for me or not
 You know on the one hand I'm afraid for you I don't know I know what he wants and I'm sure you can learn a lot from him
I've been thinking maybe he wants to enlighten me Then my dream will come true and I can see her naked or maybe she wants to fuck too? No it can't be
 Jutka let me tell you something When I was in seventh grade I saw the lady who was dressing through the glass in the bathroom door and I've wanted to like her ever since You're the only one I've ever toldif what you're saying is true then I need to keep my wits about me so I don't spill anything
- Be careful not to get cold on it because later there will be no more education
- Kisses lots lots So you're still teaching after the red one?
- We'll see you in the shower wash your dick thoroughly in case he tries to bite you off
- Come on Come on
Shower cleavage athlete sandals
"I will go" said I and go to the Loló's House
About four or five minutes on foot I go into the yard I go into the house I yell
 I'm here where are you?
- Come into our room I'm Here Be careful I fell I'm in pain I'm lying down
I walk in LoL's lying on the bed covered in sheets Well I'm not saying the things the sheets leave to the imagination just their heads and their bare arms out under the covers
– Should I call a doctor or go for an ambulance? - I ask I hope Lolo didn't notice)
- No go to the bathroom there's a jar in the mirror cabinet you bring it in you put it on my back that's what the doctor prescribed just in case Used to be
Well that's a good startit's falling off right now no job but I can't leave it like this ' I thought Got the jar let's go in I walk in I'm scared out of my mind Lolo lies on his belly sheets down to the middle of his buttocks arms under his head bras and panties visible I just stood there and looked out of my head
- What are you scared of? Come on rub my back ' cause you're the only one here Chicken's not home but you know about yesterday and I can't get my back wet Let's move it
- Deee you're barely wearing anything
- I can't help it but there's no other way to rub on my sore back and we're not wearing much more clothes at the beach Right?
- You're right about thatI'm on my way I look flat as a poacher Well I'm at the crime scene
"Put cream on your hands start at the center of my shoulder apply it to my spine while the sheets are down" he says but first turn off my bra because you can't put it on I turn it off and my hands touch your skin and it'll eat the hell out of you I'll start lubricating He's pretty far on the bed it's hard to get it properly
- Lolo can't you come a little closer to the edge of the bed? it's hard to get your back properly
- No it really hurts but get on your knees so you can reach me
I'll get on my knees I can reach her body better
- Is that better? Well then put some lotion on me ' cause my back is killing me Hurry up not just in the Middle out the outside put it on
- There's hardly any ointment left
- It's okay just rub it on my back
- Well I'm massaging her but I noticed she doesn't hiss like when we're in pain and they're pushing It's suspicious something's wrong and it's actually starting to make interesting noises like when you're having fun
- Are you all right Mrs Lolo-I ask – you're breathing so strangely
- Fine but don't call me Auntie unless we're alone Okay?
- What can you say " fine" Looks like Jutka's right Yeah well now I'm getting turned on too Lala look out Don't screw it up I'm telling myself
 I'll wait a while let the pain go Come sit next to me You must be tired Get some rest


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