2 girls and 1 guy, public squad in Ikea and Prisma Raisio

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The early morning summer sun warmed my naked body pleasantly I did not mind the lack of Southern heat; I liked temperate heat better than scorching heat and at this time there was no danger of sunburn I slowly caressed my breasts my stomach my vulva and then I began to pamper my vagina my clitoris I knew I had plenty of time
I discovered the clearing about two months ago trying to map a section of the riverbank in the saddle of my mountain bike I've always loved riding a bike especially on deserted dirt roads trails fields anywhere but asphalt roads cars That hasn't changed since my 23rd birthday
The clearing was more like a gap in the trees perhaps three or three meters but it was sufficient to lay down my blanket and sunbathe For most of the morning the rays of the sun passed through the crack between the canopy of the trees The place fell several miles from any village and the nearest highway was too far away to hear the sound of cars Perfect silence and peace just the faint rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze the search for bugs the occasional splash of the river a few meters away And the sun I've always loved the sun and in the summer I've blossomed
For the first time I sat in the saddle of my bicycle and enjoyed the silence The next day I came back with a blanket and a water key At first I was a little afraid someone might come by and see me so I took off my top the first two or three times and then I took off my shorts and I was sunbathing in a bikini When the weather only made it possible - after a few days of rain the whole area turned to mud - I came out every morning to sunbathe read and thank God for my Unbound hours
After a few weeks of not meeting a soul I decided to get a tan everywhere I took off my bikini top and the next time I took off my bikini bottom I got rid of my neck and anklets my rings and my hair was released from the captivity of my scrunchie It turned me on to sunbathe naked on nature's lap just like it turned me on to the fact that someone might see me Even though the odds of that seemed pretty slim to me there's supposed to be someone there or maybe a boat passing by the river from which if you look in the right direction at the right time you can see me Plus if a man came by and saw me naked Light brown hair well below the shoulder blue eyes running cycling swimming kickboxing aerobics yoga-trained tan 5 ' 10 " body not too big but tight breasts flat belly shapely butt carefully hairless pussy And there's no one else around What would happen what would happen? In reality of course I didn't want to be raped but I did fantasize about having sex with a totally alien Adonis-body non-contradictory guy under the sky possibly tied up I had to admit I was drawn to danger turned on So soon I didn't just go out to sunbathe and read I went out to masturbate What can I say young healthy athletic woman without a boyfriend for months? in a word I was horny Later on I even tried naked yoga and the twisted-open positions turned me on even more
This time I was sunbathing completely naked and as usual my hand went down I caressed my pussy played with my clitoris sometimes I'd reach in and out of my vagina which by the way is getting pretty wet I spread my legs pulled them up touched my feet and revealed myself to the sun The caress of warm sun rays the work of my fingers and the erotic fantasies in my head began to make a difference and I felt myself approaching the summit
But then suddenly I heard a noise The beating of running feet and they're closing in Who runs this way after 8: 00 on a weekday when all the good people are at work? My adrenaline was pumping through me and I acted automatically I was thankful to God that I had my bikini underwear a little side-dressing thong and I didn't pack it in my bicycle bag but it was lying next to me Plus when I took it off I just came out of it and I didn't end up on the side so I just pulled it on in bed I had no time to get up and to my bicycle leaning against a tree on the other side of the path for at that moment in the trees just a few meters away I saw movement I was halfway up elbows on one hand and I held myself up from behind and the other one in front of my breasts I closed my legs tight and hoped the jogger wasn't a man Now that I'm actually caught it didn't seem so hot I'm sick of what might happen Let it be a woman


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