This is my first time paragliding, a stranger controls my lush in the air!

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Recently bought our company a machine For what purpose and for what it doesn't matter now
The point is it requires constant supply of supplies provided by the distribution company Usually the way to get supplies is to make a call and the next day The Courier brings the items There was an incident recently that changed the course of procurement Behold:
It was suspicious when we unpacked it's not usually in a box like this Shit that's not what I ordered Phone slightly elevated interest apologies they got it wrong they'll change it of course Of course even today if I can get the package sent back Quick head count time might-might fit I'm on my way - I'm telling you and I'm hanging up the phone I throw myself in the car people who see me go they don't understand It's a good one-hour drivetraffic makes me nervous When I see this I calm down I'm thinking about my day: I have a meeting coming up I'm getting there I need to be on my guard I need to be on my toes That's something to smile about I'm coming in I get the box under my arm and I enter the business with forced calm which is also an office and a showroom There's no one herethat's a good start I'm saying hello out loud In response I hear a faint voice a curtain behind which the kitchen might be and there's the lady responsible for all this We've talked on the phone many times and maybe this is the third time we've met in person Nothing unusual in appearance:a woman of over 40 shoulder-length brown hair glasses smiling mature Yellow blouse summer skirt with flower pattern covering her knee Groomed legs butter-colored half-heels If I wasn't in a hurry I'd probably let go of a hint or two maybe But I'm in a hurry Let's clear up the misunderstanding No I'm not mad anyway here my business is No problem I look into his eyes and I feel a little dizzy that warm brown eye that look He's asking a question
 I'm sorry I wasn't listening what was it you asked me?
He's smiling His teeth are nice toothey're groomed (why am I listening to this???)
- Can you help me? This box is heavy enough can you bring it down to the warehouse?
- Of course yeah where's that warehouse? And what could happen there in case I'm not in a hurry)
- Then please Hold on I'll lock the door
He's turning the key right now Well if I'm not stupid that means something I'll pick up the box maybe five kilos Of course it's not hard for me But it's getting suspicious that he doesn't either Just be careful not to" kick the crap out of me " as a football friend of mine used to say Look at the clock: time is ruthless He's making progress Here we go We're losing weight
We go out the back door it locks it
- The customers won't be here at this hour - and he's smiling Both eyes and mouth She's got a nice mouth??)
- So I'm the only one who's so clean? - I ask especially to say something Meanwhile in the backyard we reach an exit He's going down
- No you're a top client - answer with a smile  And again I apologize for sending the wrong package
"Thank you and no problem" I smile feeling a little dull but with increasing excitement
We'll go down the stairs open the iron door downstairs Looks like your hand's shaking a little bityou're having trouble finding the hole with the key
- Here's our warehouse I'm sorry to have to walk you like this
- No problem I like to walk more than that especially in good company
- Is it good company now? - he's asking
- My best answer and I'm looking at his eyes He's smiling
In the meantime we'll enter the warehouse Boxes shelves everywhere I'll put what's in my hand He's trying to move a ladder but he's stuck in a box
- I'm gonna help I'm gonna go
I'm very closeI'm on his side I can smell it It's a discreet yet interesting scent I'm gonna grab the ladder by your hand As I lift the box above it our arms will shrink He won't look at me My throat's a little dry I won't say anything My blood beats in my ears I'll put the ladder where you want it He doesn't talk He steps up to the first degree looking at the shelf I'm still holding the ladder Second degree Number three Her ass is next to my arm I'm gonna change my posture a little bit and the next step her thighs rub against my arm Gentle touch yet shocking At this moment his feet are slipping Her thighs are firmly pressed against my arms and shoulders and I'm trying to hold on to it He's holding on he's saying something I don't understand I feel like I'm underwaterI just can't breathe I'll take the box you're giving me and then I'll help you off the ladder I'm trying to say something about being safe or something like that It's not important By the time he gets down I'll have my arm around his waist holding his hand with my other hand I won't let him go and he won't take it Turn around slowly I look into his eyes and I see desire in him There is no time no not like thatthere's just no time It's gone it's gone There's no space I lost that too There's only the kiss With my eyes closed I enjoy the game of our lips like a teenager()


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