PublicAgent – Young blonde taken into woods

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I've read a lot of stories about men sharing each other's wives I too longed to see my dear wife make love to another man Mari my wife is 29 When we got married we were both inhibited sexually
We slowly discovered each other's bodies It took three years for oral sex to please him too It's my fantasy but it's not enough I told that to my wife who didn't mind because she'd like to try it with someone else And watching him is even more exciting I just need to find a suitable person for him
I knew a bachelor from work Feri who would suit my wife's taste They met once before and they understood each other well enough I told Feri about our plan and she kindly offered to help When I got home I told Mari I'd found a suitable man Feri who'd be here in an hour My wife was very happy and stormed into the bathroom to clean herself up She wore a tight dress and a pair of extra-high heels When our mutual friend arrived my wife gave him a big kiss She told him she was happy because he was her first lover He led us into the bedroom and he was pouring drinks We were out of drinks for a while and I went out to get a new bottle in the kitchen When I came back Feri was naked on the side of the bed and Mari was on her knees playing with her giant penis I really enjoyed the view I quickly settled with them so I could see everything I enjoyed watching her take Feri's manhood in her mouth Feri didn't mind me being here because we talked about this before But he didn't want to share it with mehe wanted to do it all on his own I didn't mind because I had the greatest dream I didn't think it would jeopardize my marriage
I was happy to watch my wife enjoy licking my colleague's manhood Mari really liked Feri's body no less powerful tool The sight excites me I began to caress myself Feri took care of Mari's breast caressed her gently She laid my wife beside her kissed her beautiful body and slipped her hand between her legs Then he sat there with his mouth giving my wife great pleasure and not least for me I was thinking about it The mighty tool will not harm my wife She had no problem with that because she had multiple orgasms while being pampered When Feri entered her Mari grabbed my hand and pulled me to her head pulled my manhood out of my trousers and led her to her mouth That fantastic feeling and sight gave Feri and I a wonderful experience Feri took it more and more and he was playing at the same speed She screamed big every time Mari turned and pushed her ass towards Feri My manhood was indulged further Sometimes I'd bend over and kiss her passionately and I'd be so proud of her They both expressed their joy with great moans They had the pleasure together and I hadn't reached that point yet but I didn't mind While I was resting I asked my wife:
- How did it feel honey?
 I've never felt like this before you don't mind do you?
"No" I replied
Indeed I was not angry but my little wife continued not of Feri but of her "fantastic tool"
Meanwhile Feri was alive and told us that he wanted to be a spectator He asked my wife if she wanted it and so far my fish-blooded wife she was so praising the idea I didn't even recognize it  I lay on the floor and my wife sat down on my lips and I did everything I could to please her in return for fulfilling my dearest wish though she enjoyed every moment too I played with my tongue gently on her clitoris and then she lay on me and continued to indulge my Manhood He did some amazing things to me and I was screaming at him I asked him to ride He sat on my prancing stick without a word She was stroking her breasts while she was jumping all over me Feri liked the view very much


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