Fake Taxi Great body and a cracking arse

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Tiffany was just 18 when I met her He went to the same school I went to I was 22 and Tiffany really impressed me She's the kind of girl who's more sexy than pretty Blue eyes red brown hair Bore is smooth and tanned Her breasts are ordinary but beautiful and hard The best part was his leg Nice long muscular legs and beautiful buttocks The way I look at it and think about it she was the kind of girl I think they fuck at least every day You can imagine my surprise when I found out she was still a virgin From the moment I saw her I knew I'd go for some sex with her But I didn't want to rush things so I tried to look cool But that didn't stop him He invited me to his house a few times but nothing's happened yet These really were innocent visits
I remember the first time things got serious He called me one day and said it would be nice if I could pick him up after school When he came out of school I was waiting for him in the car He was wearing a short miniskirt It was a small piece on the body which made it even more eloquent and of course did not cover anything from its shapely legs and long voluptuous thighs
I've been with no before but Tiff was different somehow The thought of seeing delicate Virgin's pussy got me all fired up and I felt like I had an erection When he got to the car he kissed my face real quick and got in real quick The journey home seemed like an eternity but we finally arrived I walked up to the house and asked her if her parents were home And he looked at me cynically and said "what's on your mind?" When we got to the door he jumped around my neck he touched my neck and he opened the door just as quickly When we were inside we sat down and had a drink while we talked
"Come" said Tiff heading down to the cellar towards his room He had a nice room with a king-sized bed and on the dresser was a collection of teddy bears He turned on the radio and closed the door He sat down on the floor and I was on the same page Before I knew it I was wearing it He kissed my lips pressed and I kissed him back It was a violent kiss too intense perhaps due to his inexperience
"Hey slowly take your time"
"Maybe you can show me how to do it"
That was the encouragement I was looking for I laid her on the floor and gently massaged her breasts slowly increasing the pressure He moaned softly as he let his feelings pass After I caressed her and kissed her neck I grabbed her and pulled her shirt out of her skirt and pushed her over her breasts She was wearing a plain white bra that made her nipples see through She took the bra off in one move and let me take it off I started with her belly and slowly moved up to her breasts I kissed her softly caressed her Her breasts are like two tennis balls Round and hard I started caressing the nipple with my tongue I licked and licked and sucked on them gently every once in a while Meanwhile my hands were not idle I slipped one hand between his thighs and felt the heat from his lap almost baking I grabbed her thighs and stretched her legs wider I stopped babying her breasts and looked up at her face His eyes closed his lips a little open When he opened his eyes I smiled at him and asked him how it felt
She smiled back and gently but firmly suppressed me He clenched his legs and got rid of the miniskirt There was an 18-year-old virgin lying on the floor in white underwear and I could see in her eyes that she was asking for more I took off my shirt and put my head between my pants and his legs I kissed the inner half of the thighs and got closer to the garden of pleasure covered in panties When my nose was touching it I pulled my panties aside and saw the most amazing pussy a man could imagine Lips are soft and very close together Red-brown Hairspray was seen on the otherwise totally tight cunt My dick almost jumped out of my underwear and the view was so hot I wanted to do this a long time ago and now I have the opportunity I put a finger between the lips and slowly opened the way through the lips to the vagina "Oh that's very good" she screamed as my finger reached the wettest part And it was really wet Looks like he really wants it His breathing accelerated and his butt was moving up and down as my finger worked in the crack I pulled his lips apart and licked him from his butt to his clit His pussy was fresh and he didn't smell anything special I started stirring the clitoris with my mouth as I kept slipping my fingers in and out I felt how tight his hole was and I had already enjoyed what it would feel like to use my tool to get into the hole


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