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Last year my wife and I had a taste of nudist beach and we liked it so much that we planned to spend our entire summer in a place like this I searched the internet and found the perfect place for our holiday a holiday complex called Nude Paradise Beach sunshine and a little something extra I haven't told my wife yet We travelled by car on holiday and the gps led us to a very secluded beach away from the popular resorts However a beautiful hotel complex has been set up at the location
When entering the main building the guests still arriving were the majority so more people could be seen in clothes than we could see but there were also naked guests There was also a young naked lady at the front desk and she addressed us with a big smile on her face
 Welcome to the Nude Paradise Hotel how can I help you?
- Good afternoon we have an apartment in my name"I answered while I could hardly take my eyes off her beautiful big breasts but I saw my wife staring at her"
- Oh yeah I got the 35 apartment number one will be yours You've been here before you know our Basic Rules? he asked which would have been a weird question if I didn't know my little secret
- This isn't our first time what rules do you have? - I asked the question as if I didn't know the hotel was special
- As you know we only have adult guests in our hotel because we are not just a mere nudist paradise but our hotel is a swinger hotel This service has rules that must be observed by all our guests
I watched my wife's face react to the new situation but as I waited her eyes lit up and reflected not fear but curiosity I had hoped that it would be so because we had planned to go to a swinger club several times but it just didn't work out yet so I was a little worried if we ran into someone we knew or if they just saw us So it seemed a great opportunity to try this kind of excitement abroad and it was convenient for us to experience excitement during our entire vacation not in a club
- The basic rule is that rejection should be accepted not forced Such conduct shall result in immediate disqualification As you will see the apartments have an entrance from both the corridor and the garden and a glass wall on the garden We have of course equipped the rooms with curtains so if you want to enjoy the comfort of the hotel alone all you have to do is close the curtains because that means you must not be disturbed If the curtains are not drawn the hotel guests are free to watch themselves And if the door of the garden connection is left open it is a signal to the other guests that they welcome others to the more complete experience You can enjoy the pleasures of life anywhere in the resort but of course a section has been selected where you can only spend your usual holiday if you do not want to take part in any other kind of experience In addition to this designated area the mess hall is off limits unless there is a special event If you accept these Terms please sign the admission forms and enjoy your holiday- finished the brochure with a big smile accompanied by the receptionist
We signed the papers and checked in and I couldn't wait to take a look around the place of our vacation
- Here are your keysto the right of the main building you'll be in the last Wing enjoy your stay with us
- Thank you very much I'm sure we will"and I took the key which looked like a credit card and we went through the hall and out the back door we walked out of the building
There were 3 or 3 blocks of buildings in a semicircle to the right and left of the main building and surrounded a large square where we had already seen naked people sunbathing drinking in bars and swimming in the pool There were several pools from the swimming pool to the Jacuzzi through the different experience pools and everything We're heading right for our building wing()


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