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(Girl lying on the bed turning the paper short T-shirt and shorts; boy sitting at the table opposite the girl and leaning over the table holding a pencil)
what are you doing?
I'm doing crossword puzzles
but you don't do crossword puzzles
but this time it is
(A few seconds of silence)
what crossword puzzle?
boy: (he shows up a flyer)some kind of sex shop It's on an ad
sex shop? And where did you get a sex shop flyer? They don't give these out on the street
boy: Dezső went to marry him and brought him from there
girl: Dezso? What was he doing there?
I don't know Could be Frank Drebin's vibrator sucking machine
girl: (laughs) seriously He's got a girlfriend
maybe he bought her something But give me a break Tell me what is a penis part two letters? I can't think of anything more than two letters like Acorns foreskins ball balls Oh that's not part of the penis
exclamation point?
girl: well the definition
Oh yeah What does that mean?
girl: all you have to think about is not the actual part of the penis but a part of the word penis so "p" or "also" Understand?
Yeah I am now I didn't know you were such a crossword guru
what do you mean "excite a man with his mouth"? Isn't that blowjobs?
girl: yes
but this isn't six it's eight letters and three and 4 is "l"
girl: Yeah ok that's the fellatio
fellatio? Is that what that means? I thought it was the boner
Okay that's it Predator 4 letters the front p is the last a? Pussy?
you're so stupid That's not a pussy that's a cougar
and pussy is a predator I get attacked by one every week
(quiet) boy: 1986 film directed by Adrian Lyne Erotic It starts with a "K" and the last two letters of "e"
how many letters?
boy: a lot
girl: nine and a half weeks
boy: Whoa is that the one with the blonde lady playing and playing all kinds of stupid games?
girl: yes I liked it
not so much for me Well there you go
(quiet) boy: sexy lingerie Eight letters the third is "B" What the hell is this? Pantyhose? But that's not good bra? neither is that
girl: Babydoll
Babydoll? What is it?what is it?
girl: you know it's made of light delicate material
Oh Come on I got one too That red one is completely transparent
is it? Ugh I can get a hard-on just thinking about him I like that one especially when there's nothing else under you
she doesn't usually do that
it's a boy So that's baybdoll at least I know that now
And you're sending in the answer?
shall I send him in?
I don't know I was just asking what can you win?
a vibrator and 30% off to the store
send him in
let's figure this out first
(quiet) boy: clitoris inside with an exclamation mark Two letters What the hell does that mean? I guess the question isn't what's really in the clitoris is it?
girl: the inside in such a case means the part between the initial and the last letter ie the "glide" And I need two letters side by side
Yeah I see so this is" ik "because" k " is second There's nothing in the clitoris by the way
I don't know what's in it but it feels really good to be dealt with
(Quiet) boy: what the hell is this? ? Is the aid used to strengthen the muscle of the vagina?
how many letters?
boy: nine And the second "e" The Third " s "and the fifth"G" what the fuck is this? Why do you even need to strengthen the muscle of the vagina?
come on I can't believe you don't know it could come in very handy
Yeah when I'm inside you you're muscle I know that but I didn't think it needed to be reinforced
girl: you may need it the stronger it is the more pleasant it is for you do you remember the other day when you just left and I was just sitting on you?


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