LindseyLove’s Valentine’s Day Adventure

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Though I carefully carried the tray loaded with drinks out to the pool when I saw them there was not much left to throw it all on the floor There were five acquaintances: Lidia the principal of our school the "civilian" gym teacher Elvira the mayor of our town his wife and their daughter Raka and I were in the same class but we lived in two different worlds He was the school's resident genius class and beauty pageant winner She was a tall blonde in The Shape of a mannequin We hated each other When he saw me he grinned:
- Well well look who's here What Are You Doing Here Emma?
"She is our little servant girl" answered Lydia
- It's cool - He was clapping "Come to me" said the giant on the inflatable sofa I sat down next to him but I was very careful to look at him afraid that if I saw his snide smile I would break the thread and slap him - I love your outfit You're so cute in it So you'll do everything I say?
"Within certain limits" said Lydia again
- Oh I see Then I want you to suck on my toes
I was shocked I couldn't understand why I was so upset I knew his leg was clean and it was just a leg Is it because so many people see it? Okay in a broader sense feet are a little taboo demeaning But getting over it isn't that big a deal is it?
I put my head down on his foot I hate it but I can do it I'll make him happy if I do I closed my eyes
- Did I tell you to breathe on my toes?
But you know how upset I am about this assignment It's obvious My voice slipped
- No I'm not
- Then what are you waiting for? Get on with it
I moved away from the bed and bent down to kiss his pinky toe It was a feather - light kiss I licked my lips all of a sudden and in spite of all my screaming instincts I pushed my face down She moaned softly with pleasure as I touched her toes again and I knew that the pleasure was more due to my submission to her will not the kiss I could almost see him smiling behind me and I was really mad at him for that I kissed every toe gently respectfully and slowly and I didn't want to be forced to do it again and then I ended up with a long kiss on his big toe And then I turned around and I looked at him gasping and my face and neck were red with shame Submission saves me from getting into more trouble
- Is that good?
He smiled at me
- Not quite yet You have to go through the other leg Bend over and suck my toes
I turned back quickly rather have his feet in front of me than to look into his eyes which seemed to have seen too much I was struggling between feelings on the one hand I was in such a state of excitement that I could have made a fool of myself and on the other hand I wanted to slap him for being so arrogant I took a little position spread out his extended legs to reach the other foot and I thought I could endure this last phase of humiliation
- Just do it don't think
I started by kissing his feet and then I collected the rest of my courage and put several of his toes in my mouth As a matter of fact it didn't taste bad so I ran across the line and started sucking on his big toe I licked it I idolized him Then suddenly he reached between my legs and from the mouth on his toes the sound of pleasure bubbled up It's very typical of him to put his foot right in my mouth
- You're very wet Your lips are swollen It's obvious you're enjoying what we just did
I closed my eyes and continued to suck and my body reacted as it stuck its fingers even deeper - what a shame - between my wet folds There was nothing but the sound of me sucking on his toes and the squeal of his loose fingers Despite myself I got turned on and I really wanted to come and I eagerly pressed into his back-stabbing fingers
He laughed
- Well after all the nagging it turns out you're really enjoying my fucking toes with you You can deny it you're a lecherous bitch Right bitch?
I didn't realize he called me a bitch more than once because I knew he was just asking for my reactions I was even redder but since I was with my back to him and my hair fell in my face I knew he couldn't see it I kept sucking up and I was trying really hard to concentrate on satisfying him so well As he rubbed his thumb on my clitoris I moaned with excitement under the circumstances I was very close to being satisfied I think that's when he came up with the idea
- You seem to be enjoying the adoration of my feet
I took a breath of anger and stuck my tongue between his toes with almost fierce determination
- I think I should fuck you like this until my hands make you cum That would be nice wouldn't it?


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