Japanese schoolgirl in bus being touched and groped by Chikan

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My colleague Gábor has invited us to his lake house in Lake Balaton for a long weekend
The invitation was welcomed We left Friday morning and got to his staff around 11: 00 Gábor received me at the cottage Since the beginning of the week Gabor's brother Csaba and his wife Ildiko were there They were actually on their honeymoon although they'd been together for four years but they just got married
After lunch we went to the beach and we spent the afternoon as usual on Lake Balaton We took a bath we rode water bikes we played games Last night we were having a little barbecue having a drink talking telling jokes We went to bed around midnight The honeymooners are in separate rooms and Gábor and I are in the same room My wife whispered it in my ear after we made love
 I'm going to go to Gabor's bed come with me later
I lay on my back and listened All I heard was the moans and quelled screams coming from the next room
It wasn't two minutes before Eve came back to me
- I think Gabor's had a little too much to drink He fell asleep and I can't wake him ' she whispered and fell asleep with me
The next day when we woke up it was about ten o'clock in the morning Chaba Ildiko and Gabor were up They were sunbathing by the pool The pool was surrounded by bouquets so tall that no one could see it I put a mat in the shade and I got mixed up in it somehow I didn't feel like sunbathing Eve jumped into the pool and lay on the rubber mat over there Ildiko was lying on a chaise and the two boys were beside him on the grass I looked at The Shape of Ildiko She was a skinny tall girl Her breasts were barely covered by her bikini top consistent with the thong which barely covered anything
I bramed him How nice And then all of a sudden someone splashed me It was Eve
She was lying next to me
- What are you looking at? you like Ildiko You'd fuck her wouldn't you?? - he whispered I could use the boys
He lay on his back put his head on my chest and started eyeing me with Chaba I reached into her pants she was all wet
"Wait I'll help you" I whispered to him and I got up I put on a T - shirt and I called Ildiko
- I'm going to Abraham's for lunch you won't come with me yet a woman knows better what it takes for lunch
Ildiko said yes She ran into the house to change
We got in our car and drove away
What happened next is what Eve told me
When you left we started talking I went to bed We used to tell jokesI used to do erotic jokes I did the jokes freely After a while I asked them
- You guys don't do nudity It's so good when your skin is only touched by the air
- Yeah sure everybody can talk You won't dare take your clothes off You're full of shit
- You think so? Well there you go
I got off the couch and as if they weren't there I took my bra off threw it on the grass and then it was the panties I was pleased to see how surprised they were by the sight of my naked pussy I went back to the deck chair and fell on it
- Come on boys Who's got a big mouth? Now it's your turn if you dare - I said laughing hardly disguised
First Gábor stood up He took off his bathing suit and he hit him hard on the belly as he got out of the grip I was so relieved to see the standing dick I turned him on Csaba got rid of her swimmer I couldn't stop laughing
I had to take the initiative again
- Rub me in I don't want to burn downI gave them my suntan lotion
They poured oil on my back and then slowly gently spread it over my back
"My ass too is the most sensitive" I told them
I didn't have to tell them twicethey took care of my butt
After a while I turned over spread my legs hanging from the deck chair on two sides
- I've given you another order
Gábor took care of my boobs and he was waving his dick in my face but for now I was holding back And Csaba was rubbing my lower body and more and more often his hands returned to my pussy
I'm already on fire my breathing is accelerating The boys noticed that and they increased the pace I almost came
 You guys are really good and I'm gonna reward you and I suck Gabor's Dick
He didn't need to be encouraged anymore He threw his hard dick in my wet pussy with one push and started fucking
This is where Eva's story went because we've seen it from here
So as I was saying Ildiko and I are going shopping We reached the railway crossing at the edge of the resort where the barrier was lowered
"We have no luck" said Ildiko " it is often down for half an hour
I have an idea of what to do with our time - and not giving Ildiko time to ask I kissed him


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