ZimHunter & PervyPixie Trailer #1

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It's summer it's hot We're in the north of Lake Balaton Nice view The company is talking by the pool Some of them are taking a bath I'm gonna open a bottle of champagne to lighten the mood I'll pour for everyone and we'll toast tonight Although I can see we're starting to party a little early today We got the team all sorted out I don't think anyone's gonna have sex without sex today Then I'll pull the girls aside The Champagne has already done the trick The inhibitions are slowly dissolving I don't think they're very good looking though All the girls are very pretty and the boys are fine Then I'll ask the boys to sit on the pool The girls and I are going in the water One of the boys turns the music up One of the DJ's CDs on the tape is the beat Then the girls and I go underwater together I'm positive And we'll swim to the beach and come up at the boys ' feet At the edge of the pool we turn on our backs and we swim back in the middle without a bra Then we move in such a way that the water doesn't cover us too much We've talked about who's gonna be with who There was no argument we just decided the couples Of course the boys will think they chose But that's never the case  We have already put our champagne glasses on the edge of the pool so that it goes right next to the boy for the next few hours
We're gonna take a little dip in the water and then we're gonna talk about drinking We'll swim to their feet and rise out of the water My breasts are steeped in cold water and as I reach out for my glass it's at your feet Watching you stare at my body I'm not shyI like it when you look at me Then I'll spread your legs And I'm gonna get in there My breasts are aligned with your knees I'm gonna climb up to the edge of the pool and kiss you Then I'll come out and get down on my knees for you I'm gonna take your hand and rub it all over my wet body I'm gonna take a sip of champagne but I'm not gonna swallow it I'm gonna kiss you and I'm gonna let you in a little bit Then I'll bite you gently We kiss for a long time and your hand is crawling all over my body Then I'm gonna get up in front of you and put one foot on your chair I'll let your hands caress more and more In the meantime I stroke your head and sometimes I bend over to bite you You're slowly reaching into my thong I can see you like what you're feeling I can't blame you ' cause I'm really turned on right now
You gently caress my wet pussy while I move my hips Then I'm gonna take your hand and I'm gonna pull one of your fingers inside me I love the way you do it I put my head back and sigh deeply While your other hand is spoiling my thighs you're biting me gently with your teeth You're moving your finger faster and faster Meanwhile your other hand is on my clitoris and it's driving me crazy Then I'm gonna grab your head and pull you in But you won't let me You tease me but I'm violent and I pull even closer to you And then I see that you can't resist me anymore and you finally stick to my pussy You lick my lips and you take little breaks to make me feel better Then you pull your finger out and lick my naked pussy My legs are shaking I can barely hold on You lick me deeper you tear me apart with your mouth and I'll come in no time I'm gonna hold on to you and I'm gonna sit on your lap and I'm gonna let you caress me until I calm down I kiss you and I smile and taste my own juices While we rest we watch the others
They seem to like it And I love movies  One of the girls is spoiling your friend with her mouth and you ask me to join them because you want to see what happens I'm gonna get down on my knees behind her and I'm gonna hide really close to her My breasts are touching her back He's not surprised We've known each other for a while He's gonna reach back with one hand and squeeze my butt I'm gonna rub a little against it and then I'm gonna pull the thigh apart I'm gonna put one hand in her pants from her belly I'm gonna start petting her pussy You're the one showing me how to pull her panties away because you can't see everything I'm gonna put her right foot up and put it on her heel Then I pull my panties aside


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