Penny Pax teaser 11

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Now that we've met our parents and introduced ourselves it's been a few days since I've been with my sweetheart It really bothered me that my awake parents were so negative about it Of course I don't need to tell you that my mother has been calling on all sorts of pretenses that I should get home quickly I knew I was going to be brainwashed but I didn't want to hear about it
Jenny got a little lighter the next morning and she was laughing at my jokes and I did everything I could to see her smile again my dear It was so beautiful that I almost didn't care about the outside world Besides I didn't really care what anyone said that she's still not a total woman and even less I loved that about him I fell in love with every part of him He even asked me the morning after the second day that I wouldn't cheat on him and if I did I wouldn't cheat on him
 Jenny I've never cheated on anyone and I never will and I certainly never will cheat on you I love you I rarely say this to anyone but I mean it Me with a guy? - I was a little shivered at the thought - No way Your tail is different because you're a woman at least now But it's a guy's EW
- Okay but I was born a guy So you get it - it's down a bit
- I understand but believe me if I didn't love you and I didn't want to be here I wouldn't be here - I smiled at him
- I believe you it's just everything's so good sex and everything Well your parents are shocked but maybe they'll ease up But other than that everything's great - he was enthusiastic
 Oh by the way sex I know we agreed not to ask you about your past or anything but when you were a guy were you with a guy?
- No not once - he laughed - Only after they operated on me and turned me into some kind of woman then hormone therapy and then I went first
- Uh-huh For me - I nodded seriously
- Why do you care now? Or why did you bring it up?
- I'm just asking it's nothingI'm just asking
That concludes the subject In the meantime we got dressed and went shopping Holding hands of course and sometimes holding on to each other's waist Of course we had our hands wrapped around each other's butts holding hands But that's not surprising all couples do it At the store we bought everything we needed and on the way home I think Jenny might be turned on because on the tram taking advantage of the fact that they're barely there and I'm wearing loose shorts while she hugged me and put her hand in my pants and reached up my butt So all of a sudden it was very sudden and I did a little sipping
- Whoo-hoo baby What do you make? - I looked at him questioning and angry but I smiled a little
- I thought I'd finger you on the tram - he whispered in my ear and as he leaned close I felt it hard
- But I hope you don't want to fuck me in front of everyone - I whispered back
- Maybe we shouldn't do that - he laughed and pulled his finger out of me I gave her a towel from the bag and we both just grinned like crazy
I knew as soon as we got home before we cooked my girlfriend was gonna fuck me But it didn't bother meI was actually kind of looking forward to it It was uncomfortable at first but after a few times I got used to it and I liked it He takes you gently all the time I had just locked the door behind me and his tongue was in my throat and he was pushing down his pants and panties
- Wow baby you're already tough - I was admiring her femininity while she took off her shirt and bra In the meantime I took my clothes off too I saw the lust in his eyes
- Yeah ' cause I'm really into you We didn't have sex this morning and I want you - he said it naughty
- You want me to kiss you honey? Like a little bitch? - I was laughing
He didn't answer but suddenly he kneeled in front of me and he almost took it and fakram looked hard As soon as he started sucking he started fingering me He knew I was tight and he didn't want to hurt me You did it amazingly well When he felt me moving on his fingers instinctively he pulled it out of me slashed me over the counter and he stood behind me slowly impaling me
- Aaaahhh honey - I moaned as he hit me from behind As soon as I had it all in me it hit me and caressed my back with its breasts kissing my neck Then he whispered in my ear that he was gonna fuck me hard I knew he wasn't kidding so I grabbed the counter for a second
- I'm sorry but I'm really upset this morning and I have to fuck you - he said sighing as he grabbed my hips and started to move hard inside me
- Ahhh Baby Come on fuck me hard That's it - I moaned and encouraged him but it hurt a little But I wanted it to be good for her
- Your little ass is so good Oh my God - he reached out and started jerking me off As far as he knew during the intense movement
Sometimes I even pushed myself towards him and I wanted him to enjoy it After a while despite all the roughness the pain was gone and I started to enjoy it()


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