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I finished my story by screwing my mother in the middle of the night where I went several times in a row Let me tell you a little bit of what's been going on between us for about a month now For the record this only includes the day after the first fuck My mom started the morning after she fucked me last night by coming into my room and lying in bed next to me and I woke up and there was this warm tingling feeling around my dick I opened my eyes I could barely see it but I knew it wasn't a dream because yesterday I was fucking my mother as long as I could He sucked my dick again and I was really happy that he kept his promise that we'd fuck whenever we wanted A few minutes later I came in his mouth
 Mom I want to fuck you like I did yesterday
 I have to go to the store and you have to go to work soon that's all there is now
I jumped up on his words and I put my hand on his black thong He was soaking wet again so it must have been the blow job that turned him on Two fingers slipped into him without a hitch then three fingers in a few seconds
- Oh boy let me go to work tonight He moaned and pressed his cunt on my fingers which were already inside
 Are you sure you want me to stop?
 I should but it's as good as your finger in my vagina
- You want me to stick my dick in? Then he pushed me away pulled off his thong almost jumped me He was crouching over me and he started adjusting my dick to his pussy It was wide enough after three fingers so I was in it almost immediately and he just rode like a crazy bitch
- Shut your mouth and fuck my pussy more than you did last night
 Mom I have to go to work you said We weren't fucking till tonight
- Ahh ahh ahh my mother moaned scratching my chest A few minutes later his phone rang He didn't answerit rang for a long time It's just over it's ringing again That's when he went there
- It's your fucking father
- You gonna get that?
- Well I should but it bothers me when your good dick is inside of me I was smiling and he was talking to my dad on the phone I was jerking off while my mother was standing naked next to me and she was cutting heads about how she would suck and with her other hand she kept stroking her pussy and licking her fluids That's when I called him closer I stuck two fingers in as he stood and spoke to my father It felt so good to hear my dad tell me how he was doing with my fingers and my mom
My mom moaned and my dad asked me what was wrong?
- Nothing I was cooking and kicking the gas stove as I turned
- What are you cooking honey?- it sounded like my father's question
- Oh I won't tell you but you're gonna love it when you find out
I was happy as a clam
But that's when my father told me that he wasn't coming home in three days but that he was coming home at about two o'clock in the night because they'd finished their work and there was some holiday abroad
Well that's when I saw my mom wasn't so happy about it but she hung up on me and we could deal with each other


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