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My name is Peter and it may sound strange what I'm going to write because my story began reading the page
My wife used to have "literary evenings" where she used to tell and read to my children Of course I didn't really have any reading to do and I'd rather watch TV up in the room These evenings stopped as time passed because our children had grown up
On the site about three years ago we found him with our little family while we were looking for jokes on the Internet
I wasn't much of a computer wizard and I invited my two daughters Heni and ETH who were then 16 when they were twins My daughters for starters they look a lot like me but their personality is completely opposite My daughter Heni is always quite provocative or should I say slutty while Eve is a bit of a withdrawn conservative figure just like the mother
We did not believe our eyes and I called My wife Anita who was also surprised by the profound opening of these writings
We were surprised to pick between the categories and after a few available straight stories we looked at a family story
We were cold looking at the titles of the works and coming to a free-access writing We started reading Actually my wife read it out loud
When he finished with the first one we started with the other one
At the beginning of the second story my son Zoli arrived who was then 18 years old
I don't have to tell you that when you came into the living room listening to the story you were stuck right next to us
We were all fascinated by the realities of the stories and we didn't realize the time had passed
The next afternoon we sat in front of the computer to read the better-than-good story
At the suggestion of my daughters we changed our membership and as if it were a fairy tale we started reading it
After the third story of the fourth story everyone was in a state of excitement and I suggested for my watch that we have dinner and evening baths
After dinner everyone showed up at the computer dressed for sleep and we started the bedtime story
Listening to the stories I didn't realize I was staring at the bodies of my daughters and their little bodies with my eyes undressing them until I saw the eyes of Heni
I ashamed of myself looked away at my wife who read to me with her back to me
At the end of the story I sent everyone to bed calling everyone's attention that tomorrow's only Friday and school
He came on Friday afternoon and everyone was very excited about the start of our evening program after a few stories my wife told me that she had to go out for a moment but if we thought we could have dinner at a rest stop
Waiting for dinner everyone went to take a bath and put on their bedroom clothes My daughters in order to keep the story going as soon as possible they replaced their mother so she could clean herself up
At dinner everyone sat down in their usual places
I'm on the corner set for the longest part facing me in the two chairs with my daughters My son took a seat on the short corner set
My wife sat down in front of the computer and started reading
In the story father's daughter and mother's son were having sex
No one was interested in the story because for my girls their little T-shirts were pierced by their nipples When I looked down my eyes fell out because that's when I realized my girls didn't have panties on
I had the feeling that they were not wearing anything on the bottom because as I looked at them they were whispering almost constantly and they were always spread out throwing their shapely little thighs Even though my girls looked like two eggs they weren't the same from the bottom Looking at my ette's pussy if I'd seen some shell with a small handle but looking at Heni I would have seen some sort of open flesh-eating flower It may have been the excitement of reading but his lips were wildly open and the entrance to his cave was like an " O " or "O"
My attention was broken by The Voice of my wife Anita because at the end of the first part of the story she asked Heni to read the other part
My partner stood up and sat with us
As we listened to the story the air between us was glowing Anita was sitting next to me squirming like crazy
Heni finished the story and was going to start another one but my wife sent everyone to sleep because it was getting embarrassing for him that everyone seemed to be turned on
I'll tell you what she was concerned because her nightgown was beginning to show signs of excitement
That's how we spent our days
My wife came home one day with a great deal of excitement that her sister Veronika had called that her twin sons had been born and she wouldn't go out for a few days to help when they came out of the hospital
At first I wanted to talk him out of it because Veronika's husband Peter is a very rude individual and I didn't want any resentment in the family because the last time Anita went to do something to help Peter's remarks hurt her a little and she didn't talk to Veronika for a month()


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