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- Yeah yeah yeah - I told you and then I slammed the front door behind me and headed towards my parents ' car in a rage I'm 19 I have a brother who's 24 If he comes home with his girlfriend I have to move out of my room it's an old deal it's in the living room or if my parents aren't home I sleep in their room
I got in the car and drove away I didn't know which way to go to the movies to the gym? I couldn't decide I just wandered around until the night came down By then I had calmed down a bit so I went to a store and bought a magazine to pass the time while my brother and his girl went out into the night It was a warm summer night outside I didn't want to go home there were a lot of people at home I didn't feel like going home I stopped in the parking lot of a shopping center and I started turning the magazine over After missing a lot of boring articles halfway through the magazine I caught my eye on an athlete girl in a black femur posing in a mouthful of lingerie Black hair brown eyes maybe a football girlmaybe a hand I felt my dick get hard Slowly slowly my shorts started to bulge and it was getting more and more uncomfortable I pulled the pant leg aside and took out my tool My Acorn has already developed a little bit of excitement While I was cleaning up the area I often masturbate in public places I find it exciting I don't like wearing underwear There was some movement in the distance but I parked far enough away from the other cars so it shouldn't have been a problem I started massaging my dick to make it swell and the effect didn't keep me waiting Then forming a circle with my thumb and index finger under my Acorn I began to drag my foreskin rhythmically and sometimes I squeezed it In the back seat there was the beach pakk sunscreen glasses everything else you need to go to the beach I took the sunscreen out because I needed some lube and I put it in my hand and then I started massaging my penis again with my slippery hands That's what I needed my veins started pounding on my dick I didn't want the paper anymore I closed my eyes I saw her standing in front of me opening herself out of her black lace panties and bra A few minutes later I felt something was coming That's when I realized I needed something to stop shooting stuff in the car My hands were searching for something and then they found a rag in the back of the car I came right in
- Cool - I said it out loud when I saw my mother's lemon-yellow bra I tried to wipe the rest of it off my dick half of it worked and then I threw the bra out the window in the parking lot Then as he did his job well I went home I wasn't nervous anymore
I'm home We lived in a house three rooms living room kitchen bathroom with WC a larger garden We were doing well financially my father was making good money My brother didn't live at home anymore which is why he lived in my room when he came in because his room was converted into a gym And because of the old deal because he gave me a laptop that I don't have anymore he owns my room He bought me out I went in silent silence and a warm couple and the air conditioning went out a day ago Anyway I went into the kitchen I had a few drinks and then I read my mom's message that my dad went to some weekend business meeting and she went with him At least I don't have to sleep in the living room I went to the bathroom and took a shower I put on a pair of loose boxer shorts and I went into my parents ' room with some food and booze and I jumped into bed and I started switching on the tv and it was hot and I took off my boxer shorts and I don't want that  There wasn't much on tv to keep me busy so I ended up on a porn channel I was tired but there was tissue and lotion on my mother's closet so I started to pamper myself By the time I was done I was so tired I threw the tissue down by the bed and fell asleep At some point I heard my brother and sister were coming They were loud but I couldn't wake up
I had a beautiful dream making love to a beautiful woman I licked her pussy and she licked my dick around my acorn and then down to the base and then back and took it We changed positions when the warm fragrant SAP was pouring down my face and she leaned over me and with her naked pussy she pushed my dick against my stomach and moved her hips back and forth His tongue was in my mouth and licking its own sap off my face and spitting it in my mouth I woke up to something but a moment later I went back to sleep continuing the dream of another woman I'd lie on my side and he'd hide behind me and then he'd kiss my back and bite my ear and he'd pull the skin with his left hand on my dick I tried to turn my head back looking for his mouth but I couldn't and I was getting closer to the top I wanted to go in her We've been through so much I thought he'd let us go I got out of his embrace and then I got behind him and I turned him on his stomach()


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