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I've always been backward in my sex life Well that's not the best way to put itit's that I'm conservative It's not just me it's my husband I've been with for 32 years and married 29 of them In 32 years she never gave me any indication that she wanted more and I was happy about that I thought there were more useful things in life than sex
We have three kids so I wouldn't say we're not reproductive Even with a 55-year-old we do it often enough I'm sure young people don't like to hear how an old woman like me has sex I completely understand that myself Nevertheless I think I need to write a story that changed the basis of my sexual attitude
I'd like to start by saying that I'm a tour guide in Budapest I've been a tour guide for as long as I can remember I've got every monument statue Church in my finger I usually guide Germans and English through our beautiful city Sometimes I drive Hungarians That's only three or four times in a year This year there was a small group that I guided You have to know that I'm doing a drive-by My car is big enough so I can drive a group of 7 people now there were only three of them so I didn't need the big one I just needed the small car That's a lot of bullshit The three-man team was three boys Three very handsome and macho boys One's 24 the other's 22 and the other's 19 Brothers their father is the head of one of the Hungarian travel agencies They asked me to introduce them to the city since they do not live in Budapest
At 9: 00 am We started sightseeing I followed the usual route My first is always the castle because from here you can see where we are going later I showed them from a distance From here the Heroes ' Square is the next stop and from here I go to the other places It was a weekday and for some reason there was a traffic jam on the road that he didn't and I told him everything I could think of
I even told them a few Saints They seemed bored enough already (even though we were nowhere to be) and I stopped them talking to themselves At first it was a neutral theme but as young males it ended up with girls and sex I was embarrassed that the elderly would ignore me and talk about such matters
We talked about the first sexual experience First the eldest Oliver spoke but he looked at me and said
- What was your first experience? - I was shockedI didn't see that coming And I just said " if they tell me I'll tell you" They agreed to play ball Before we could even begin we got to the Heroes ' Square We're out
I told you what I had to tell you and get back in the car Then Oliver (who was sitting next to me in the passenger seat) said they were tired of this thing so let's talk Actually the subject is very excited so I agreed
 When I was 16 I had a classroom in the bathroom During gym class We were relieved bored and we even liked each other "Oliver said but they were not satisfied the others asked" We were supposed to sit in the gym and wear a tight top" I always liked that girl I've dreamed about it more than once I was talking
with her and she noticed I was staring at her breasts She pretended to be offended said If I cared that much about her breaststhen don't just look at them Then he got up and went to the ladies ' room and I didn't askI went after him There we kiss wildly Then he crouched down and unbuttoned my jeans and started sucking It felt really good and then I sat on the WC and we fucked It wasn't big
she's a number but she was very good then - how was Tommy for you?
- He asked the youngest brother - it's been less than two weeks you know with Heni The Wolf Heni We've been dating for like seven months and two weeks and when her parents left home she invited me over He asked me when was the last time I had sex I told him I was a virgin and then his eyes lit up and he pushed me on the bed She put on music and slowly took off all her clothes I got rid of them too I was so looking forward to it And he just pulled and pulled He said he had a pass for licking I wanted that girl so bad I didn't get into it as much as I could And he said "not so fast" and he showed me how to do it You want to suck my dick but I wanted to fuck you so bad I couldn't wait and I climbed on top of it and it was really good
- Shut up and continue without asking Gábor in the middle By this time we were already in the car and parked in a secluded spot in the people's Grove- I don't know anymore I think the first one was with Clari when she was 17 Yes he did I didn't like her very much but for a long time I hated her and thought she was a little bitchI still do though It was supposed to be a house party and


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