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Of course I could hardly get up in the morning because the promise of a morning text wouldn't let me sleep much longer no matter how sleepy I was Matthew's phone woke me up after I removed my pillow from my face and removed the cat from my shoulder trying to tell my mildly hungover friend what he missed out on She wasn't surprised she said Judith had already told me that she didn't just like Guys and she had already promised me that I wouldn't live a virgin life for long listening to my sad and well-polished background It's true we've seen some of the same cool remarks before but there was a gap between practice and theory like the refreshing smell of vanilla Wunderbaum and the smell of freshly shaved pussy When I mentioned the text to Matthew He just laughed and told me he couldn't make it because one of his sparring buddies was planning a two - day trip for the weekend but if I don't feel like going with him I feel free to take the girls ' call he doesn't mind With this turn my conscience was at ease and the rest of the day was spent listening to the call of the telephone Of course I don't have to tell you that my joy was too soon neither that day nor the next day I was not tempted to go to any sex party that I so willingly fantasized about so there was the grumbling and smoking and the bowing and moaning that I would never again be with girls like you and so forth et cetera I wish I'd called them but he was really into falling on his face so I didn't want to sound violent
By Sunday I had completely given up on the possibility that Friday's operation could continue so I tried to focus on my methodology tightening which was far away but given my previous embarrassing collocviums and my minimal affinity for analysis it would have been completely justified It took me 20 minutes to realize that just staring rigidly at my notes isn't gonna help so after a short thought I rang a friend who helped me successfully buy the last semester Peter was at home but he refused to help express on his precious Sunday afternoon so he offered to help an ex-teacher in case he felt sorry for me Anyway I called the lady who sounded like she was 12 and a half years old but after a short thought she said that if I could run over right now I could do it and that was the point He said a familiar street name but he didn't go crazy about where it came from
I threw myself in a car and after a brief mapping exercise I ended up in Uipest Well yeah This is where Matthew and I left on Friday I parked in front of Judith's family house and I was just hoping I'd run into her When I rang Eve (she was the teacher)announced the floor and the door number I sweated at the Hikari express It was Judith's floor and the door matched After I put 2 bags of menthol crap in my face (once it was gum but it turns in my pocket in a few months) to suppress the taste of the South McDonald's I tried very loosely and to force a subtle interested intelligence on my face which probably did not work because the first question of Eve opening the door to the bell was if I'm so shit why do I want to study ? I was babbling on about security and then I invited myself in Eve was an extremely fine woman and later found out she was 39 raising Judith by herself because her father left right after she gave birth She had long painted black hair slightly sagging but she was wearing big tits and she had these incredibly nice legs
When I arrived Judit wished to see me from the room in her pajamas with a scarf around her neck and a hot rose on her face Her eyes were smiling I was just about to start a clumsy
"we already know each other" I froze Oh my god what did she say ? Eve asked me if I wanted a drink and I only voted for a glass of water because at that time I had a desert of Kalahari in my face While Eve was out Judit pulled me into the room and before I could say anything she was on top of me But you have to imagine that with that swing I fell on my back and he stuck to my mouth and both his hands went under my shirt It was incredibly hot but I was such a mess I couldn't move Judith found her way up dragged me off the floor pushed me down to her bed and closed the door After all the things I said were stupid you were sick and she laughed and screamed in my ear miserably
- I must have caught a cold on the waterfront ))
- Oh shit I thought you were
- What did you think ?
- Yeah it's just I don't know so you were supposed to call me then nothing


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