I had the most fun at the hole in the wall

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My name is Livia I'm 28 they call me sexy I think I'm pretty toomaybe my boobs should be a little bigger I've been married three yearsmy husband Ákos who is 52 years old and says I'm his disgruntled little whore and I love him very much Our sex life is very exciting we make love in many unusual and impossible places it always encourages me to undress my inhibitions Enjoy sex It was special to me to know the philosophy of pleasure and to think of asymmetry in sex From Love lovemaking I slowly moved into the realm of pleasure sex We had been married for two years when his friend András a 40 - year-old guy on the Adriatic joined us sailing to spice up the lovemaking for me It was a great experience falling from orgasm to orgasm and when I felt the two dicks I felt in two holes in the stars I can't compare it to anythingit felt great It's been one more time in my life and I've been wondering when it's gonna happen again We like to talk dirty to each other and I love Ákos She likes it when we both have exciting lives
It's winter at home but here in the Caribbean Sea winter everything is so different fizzy and warm Ákos was ill during the European winter Third night we decided to go to a bar Ákos said it was a classic place I picked out a short low-cut white dress and I thought about bras and then I saw Ákos putting his pants on his naked ass
- Why don't you buy underwear? - I asked him
'Because I always leave him at night' he replied taking a bath surprised At night everything could be answered I made up my mind I didn't buy underwear either
The bar was on the boardwalk and we sat on the terrace enjoying the music and the cocktail
- I feel like I'm really liking this place - Ákos whispered in my ear With his hand between my legs under the table playing with my naked nun I got wet Come inside I told Ákos There was a bouncer at the door with a small and thin man and he was selling the ticket look at me and he turns to Ákos
- is he with you? - Ákos nod
- pretty if you're here to dance it's free I hope you're enjoying yourself Ma'am
We entered the dimly lit room there were not many men there was a company of men sitting at a table with a girl with a boy in the corner and a couple dancing on a dance floor we sat at a table not far from the men's party Ákos ordered a whiskey and I ordered a cocktail I looked around but the place looked sad and I thought maybe it was a mistake to come here The Dj has just started a new music a hot Cuban Tango The dancing couple stumbling over the music I leaned over Ákos's ear you're asking me with a password He kisses my neck and he's on the floor I really like Tango Ákos was a good dancer and we used to dance the Tango very erotically it was always like we were fucking The boys at the table were watching the dancethey seem to like it Ákos can see it so it spins so you can see my breasts or my vagina One of them a muscular red-haired 30-year-old gets up from the table and walks up to us at the end of the number
- Can I borrow this? - My husband nodds and turns me in front of the man with a spin I'm Jack from London May I ?Before I could answer his arm put his arm around my waist and pull me to you it was a slow and slow song We started dancing with his hands and he was massaging my ass as we walked around the dance floor and we saw a girl sitting with her boyfriend caressing his dick Jack noticed that I noticed
- I like it You too right? - I was just smiling and thinking to myself " what kind of girl doesn't enjoy the sight of a beautiful dick?" I couldn't stop and I kept watching them dance
As we danced Jack rubbed me but I got caught up in the sight of blowjobs and I almost didn't notice him casting a spell on my breasts from the cover of my dress I started to feel my breasts and nipples and he knew I was excited I was surprised when I felt his hand between my legs I'm not resisting I'm giving myself to pleasure I was shocked when I moaned up loud as he slipped his finger into my wet pussy Her friends sitting on the dance floor smiling watching me moan and groan while her finger plays with my pussy He wouldn't stop while the music was playingso he took my hand and led me to our table He smiled and said " Thank you the dance was fun" I said sarcastically
 we both know the pleasure was mine I'll sit down and ask my smiling husband
 did you like watching your wife get fingered ?
"I wasn't the only one" he said I went to the bathroom blushing
When I returned my husband was sitting with Jack and his friends waving to me to join him As I was walking across the dance floor I see a girl again but now she's playing the flute on two guys ' dicks I couldn't stare because Ákos is waiting with a smile and introducing his new friends


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