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They stayed in bed all day but no matter how much they rested their weird leaded tiredness their lethargy they just didn't want to go away They promised that they would never go out again and they solemnly erased Rudi's phone number which he wrote with a marker on their chest The sex tape that was on the tape that was stuffed in Emese's shoulder bag was watched several times
But Erika just didn't want to put up with the fact that their old lives were back While he was fucking one of his boyfriends mentioned how much money you can make from sex movies It shocked him at first: not only do you enjoy sex but you can make money with it? A few months it's good to be 17 but it's not gonna be that much and it's gonna be official Why shouldn't he decide his fate now? Why would he have to put up with the Holy Mother Talk for almost two more years? It's such a long time He made his choice He'll call Rudi and then we'll see what happens Anything's better than this shitty life at home
The largest room in the villa was furnished as a studio Rudi offered a lot of money $ 20000 for a present in which he dressed as a schoolgirl had sex with four men   Once He couldn't decide he'd never seen so much money in his life in about an hour he'd make almost twice as much as his mother made in a month But cameras having sex in front of so many people It's the complete opposite of everything they've taught you
'This might help you decide' said Rudi putting a joint in front of him
'Hello' said the tall fellow That's Martin across from you mark next to him and that's Tomi My name is Dani
"That's funny" said Erika laughing " I have a little dick in class your namesake
"You'll see" he smiled " mine is not small
The grass really worked wonders it boiled his blood made him more confident more courageous But now all he had to do was memorize the guys ' names and let himself go Tom he began to caress her ass And Daniel who politely introduced his companions began to unbutton his blouse One of them crouched down rolled up his skirt and began to kiss his butt tasting the two handsome bites with little kisses By now Daniel had finished with the buttons and his hand had disappeared under the thin cloth and he felt the round breasts Mark found his place kneeling before Erika studying his two thighs Martin was the only one who remained seated and he was satisfied with the view
Erika breathing fast with her eyes closed left the demanding hands searching for prey With the exception of the thin-band panties he had been stripped of all his clothes Daniel was sucking on his left nipple Mark was sucking on his right nipple as he went down from the top from his waist to his rapidly expanding pinalyuk so that the same move would be repeated again Erika stood in her legs allowing her pubic thighs to stroke her succulent fingers and felt the heat pouring down every part of her body He didn't want it he asked he demanded that all four of them take it
Dani pulled the bottom of her panties aside and tasted the scented pussy The joyful one had already seeped from the little hole and he lest a few drops should be wasted licked it from the edge of the hole Then his tongue began to wander about the lips and clitoris moving rapidly with long strokes in the short gorge of pleasure And to complete the effect Tom took care of the rear entrance
Erika's legs shook unable to move on The three boys lifted him up and placed him on the bed Mark took off her now redundant panties and Tom and Dani spread their legs and Mark laid down his pants on her However his stiff tail did not penetrate the vagina but only to the clitoris while kissing sensitive areas of the neck Erika tried to move her hips somehow to get her into her vagina but Mark managed to block these experiments
That's when Martin felt he was getting involved in the fast-moving events He took off his clothes kneeling with his cue to Erika's head who in response to the silent invitation took the hard gun in his mouth Tom and Daniel both licked the soft cunt of a battle Tom left Daniel was tasting on the right When they both began to employ the swollen button Erika enjoyed it enormously
For a few moments he sprained screamed and his juice poured out of his hole Tom went immediately to vaccinate labia feathered the delicious nectar and plunged his tongue into the spring's cave Martin let himself get a blow job and then he went to bed with Erika on his back She understood what she was waiting for and moved at once and in a horse-drawn seat she placed herself on the standing cue with a large instrument in her Pinus Martin was clutching her breasts and she started to move in a tempo intoxicated with desire at an accelerated pace He didn't even come when a pair of hands pressed him on Martin and he could feel the groping cock on his butt Mark placed his gun on the Rosette and slowly pushed his dong into the muscular hole which his discotheque acquaintances had access to()


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