Waiting the room’s key with my hot gf – quickie in emergency stairs

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For me the nicest part of moving is when the furniture is in place the friends who help you carry it are gone you open a bottle of beer and sit down You still have to learn how many steps the kitchen takes the bathroom door opens inwards or outwards the TV remote control is not yet in hand you still have to find room for thousands more but you can afford half an hour with a bottle of beer
And then the next day it's a little boring it's a little awkward to introduce yourself to the people upstairs A short ring a crack in the door Good afternoonKiss my hand Bye Allow me I just moved here No I'm good I've got a lot of work to do It's all over there So you're nervous ' cause it's only gonna take a little while to figure out who you're gonna go to a game with or have a beer with Who knocks through walls for every toilet flush Who's got the TV screaming at night because they can't hear Who looks like every elevator crash checking for arrivals and departures Later on you get to thank most of your roommates Half of it changes sentences For example they share a lot of common costs But real friendships are made only in Neighbors and in the sky less in real estate
I've been living on a frog show for the third day where exactly I'm not writing it As far as I know the main character of the story still lives there If anyone recognizes him he probably knows what I'm talking about so there's no harm in it
So the bell was long and firm or violent as you like There was a small round woman at the door We've met before if you give me time I'll remember who you are But he didn't
- I saw himhe's home I said I'll see how you're settling in See if you need anything - yeah I know
- yeah I'm an aunt by the way Ica I am the common congressman the house manager as they used to say but they also call me the janitor
Maybe a BlockMaster I thought looking at the nice round shapes We've actually met
- And of course I must inform you - he pushed in the top of his head was about to hit my chin
 You have no idea how much trouble there is in a house like this And it's all on my shoulders But you can trust me I'll take care of everything I collect common costs every month Of course I know it's a lot to take in but everyone's saying it and they voted for it And at all no one asks what it costs to paint rat and Roach insulation The lights are always unscrewed the locks are broken and of course you have to change them and then you have to make a key for so many residents The search because it doesn't matter where I order it
It's pouring out of him I think he's breathing in his ear because he's not taking a break He stares down the Hall narrows it down blinks at me from an arm's length and says says says Her hair is dyed red otherwise she might have gray fibers in it but the 40 are still here Her lips are red like red bright red like her nails His sweater is thick ribbed filled with large breasts The Whole Woman is red the way she talks red sentences flowing out of her without stopping
- I clean the stairwells and the corridors Of course they wanted to save on that too so they could ration it out for each apartment There was a clean-up order hanging down there Well that saved him because of course they always forgot and if they didn't there was no thanks for that job You have no idea how messy people are Even if there are four containers in front of the house they just take the garbage down in a nylon bag and throw it at him And the stray dogs would tear it apart if I didn't put it in after them Okay I'm not saying this because I saw you put it in properly
- Oh my god Maybe he even checks the garbage I take down?
- I know it's hard to clean for lonely men like you You can't let it go ' cause the roaches just show up on the dirt - and he looks around as if the cockroaches are expected to enter from under the Cabinet at any moment
- No offense That's not why I said it Just so you know I also do cleaning where they're very busy or they don't know how to do it in the first place I clean his neighbor's House You know the old engineer Between you and me what if I didn't crap out twice a week?
I see I guess this is where the neighbor Nationale comes in and I'm not wrong
- What a dirty old man And not just like that if you know what I mean I can't clean her house without the pig touching my ass all the time or grabbing my tits All right I'm gonna let him have a little bit of fun anyway But the Pig wanted my daughter to come up and clean up That she'd do the math with him and that he was just trying to help I love Dawn Meanwhile he's reaching into her pants But I told him my piece()


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