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The next morning Stella called said she'd be back tonight asking if everything was all right Of course the answer was yesI thought it was fine I looked in Marianne's room but she was still asleep Then I have time to make breakfast so I thought I'd see what Lucas was doing
He wasn't sleeping on his bed and he was looking at some card When I walked in I saw him put it under the duvet
"Good Morning young man" I said with a smile  Can I sit with you to discuss what happened yesterday? - I asked him and I didn't sit with him waiting for an answer We had a little chat He was a sensible boy In the middle of the conversation I remembered yesterday's events and somehow I began to feel uncomfortable because I had this tingling feeling between my legs again I was on my way out when Lucas asked me:
- but how was sex with me? - I smiled at her leaned over her and kissed her lips gently
"You were fantastic" I said
"I still want you" he said waiting for my answer
"I can't" I replied
- But look how much I want you - and he pointed to his standing cock which showed his longing within his pajama pants
"You can help yourself" I said
- You mean masturbation? - he looked at me questioning
- Don't tell me you've never done this before?
After a little silence he nodded "Yeah I play with him sometimes -
- Then you can do it now
And not waiting for me to leave her alone she reached under her pyjamas and started playing with her penis
- You want to watch? - he asked
The thought of seeing a boy's masturbation set me on fire In a low voice I just said "yes" Then he pulled down his pyjamas and lay naked on the bed She spread her legs a little bit and put her hands on her hair It was a very attractive sight I could feel myself excited by the sight of a naked body exposed Lucas started caressing himself The bottom of his belly and the hair first Using both hands And then moving a little lower he caressed and irritated the base of his penis And then with his legs up he spread his legs all over the place So I could clearly see him caressing the base of his tail and playing with his fingers with his scrotum Then he pushed his fingers further down and stroked the silky part under the scrotum But he was already fully in the game his body writhing and wavering from the lust he gave himself I couldn't help myself I was so caught up in that view I took my jeans off and unbuttoned them got out of them dropped my panties and sat back on the bed and spread my legs I reached between my legs felt my moisture started playing with myself Lucas looked at me and as if he were heightened by the pleasure he kept caressing himself
With his right hand he took his sharp Dick and started pulling the skin on his penis I saw the bright tip of his penis come out and I really enjoyed the view All of a sudden he stopped masturbating and reached back and he was digging around in his closet and he took a tube of Body Oil He squeezed it into his palm and put it on his penis It began to shine beautifully and continued to play again watching me pamper my pussy with my fingers In the meantime he made a low moan()


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