Squirting On A Huge Cucumber In A Parking Lot freckledRED

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One summer when my parents were out of town after the usual "girls ' work" cleaning and washing dishes I was on my way to my college friend's house next door to have a nice little chat when my brother's friend arrived I thought I'd come at the right time leave the 14-year-old Zoli alone with his buddy Dani his age "They must be up to something" I thought to myself for they were trying to get me out of the House unusually quickly and I noticed it too and it became suspicious So I went out the door as if I was really looking for my girlfriend but I could not get any further than the yard and I ran back to the window of the living room in the garden and looked Dani quickly brought her backpack into the room and they took out video tapes The TV was right on the side of the window so I saw him put in the movie they were watching They didn't turn the volume down so I heard moans and I was surprised to find that Zoli and Dani were touching each other's pants one by one and then they started to satisfy themselves while staring at the screen Well I thought it'd be fun and I snuck back to the door I was undressing in my hallway leaving my baggy shirt on and suddenly I walked into the room The two boys were scared when they saw me and suddenly they wanted to put their dicks away but it was pretty funny "We can continue if you want" I said and Dani seemed to have a bright eye and Zoli seemed to object but I told them it wouldn't be a problem and no one else would know I knelt across from them to the couch and I opened their dicks out of their pants with my hands and then I stripped them both completely Dani seemed a little younger without her clothes on with little flaking around her short penis and my brother had a little bit more hair but he had a little penis too I started caressing them with one hand and the little penises turned into prickly bare dicks and they got hard Meanwhile I saw Dani peeking under my shirt at my pussy sometimes I didn't leave them long enough to wonder because when their dicks were stiff enough I stopped and took off my shirt I told the boys what to do and they did their job right I lay down on the couch and the two guys sat on my two sides and they started kissing my boobs and I was stroking them with my hands I had this amazing feeling that two people were sucking on my swollen nipples at the same time and they were all hard I got up later and then I got down on my knees in front of the boys too and for a short while I caressed his penis and then I put it in my mouth and started sucking it Meanwhile I told my brother to stroke his own dick and I stuck one finger in Dani's butt The guy's a little snippy and then he starts to enjoy me from the inside and the front When I was about to pump my dick I laid Dani on her back on the bed and slowly sat on her with my butt crack The tight butt opening kept taking the little prick in until he was completely immersed in it


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