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I moved from the country to the capital years ago Since I didn't know anyone I was in good shape living alone in my apartment at the time In those days they were very popular on the phone available wapos chats Since I had nothing else to do I spent all my time in this virtual space Chat quickly helped me to have friends in this strange city That's when and how I met Lisa who we've been bosom buddies for eight years We used to drink a lot of wine together enjoy being free have our own parent-free life Lisa was still living in the outer boroughs so after a drink like this it was obvious she was staying at my place One of those girls ' nights we had a little too much to drink again I've always felt that even though we're of the same sex there's some chemistry between us
I found Lisa attractive even with a woman's eyes I liked his coolness his reddish-tinted short hair his graceful feminine body That night I remember she was wearing a skirt that made her long and shapely legs even more prominent While I was talking I watched him sit next to me on the couch His legs were slothfully spread over me Her plump breasts almost popped out of her tight top It was beautiful and erotic even for me Sex was a common topic in my house It's like a mandatory wine theme We liked to tell each other our desires our experiences in the field of erotica who did what or loved to do what the other one had never done There are few situations I've thought to myself that I haven't been or haven't been through Lisa asked me the question that started an avalanche and opened up a new world in me
- Have you ever kissed a girl? Lisa asked me to have inexplicable feelings for her I can still see him turning towards me with a sullen smile
- No not yet I answered with a slightly disturbed grin on my face
- Does that mean you do? I looked at him now curious
- Once yes He laughed with a funny smile and continued to think " you see there is something I am already ahead of you" Would you like to try kissing a girl? You asked that question as the most natural thing in the world
- Of course I do I gave him the answer right away Maybe it's the wine or the affection I felt for her that she immediately said yes to my question
I almost didn't even say the answerI could feel him turning towards me and just leaning his head a little bit to the side He reached for my face with his hands and began to gently caress my face with the tips of his fingers She was so seductive her skirt shuddered and showed a small detail of her black lace panties Her breasts waved gently as she touched my face more and more passionately I could see in his eyes that this wasn't a game It's not just a kissI'm the guy you're seducing I let him go through my hair and let my feelings guide me I felt it pull and pull at the same time Every touch of him excites me It was like it was so natural that it just slowly pulled me in She felt it and knew I wanted her When I was very close to her face all my fear of newness was gone We kissed each other as hot and passionate as two souls in need of love His kiss was hot and soft We held hands and touched each other's bodies I lost it in the momentI turned it off I didn't know where I was or what I was doingI just did what my blood told me to do I liked the taste of her kiss the smell of her perfume the silky smell of her hair I touched her breasts slowlyFor the first time I held in my hand those two beautiful breasts that fit into the palm of my hand which were so eagerly peeked out from under her tight little white top Her skin was silky and firm She's kissing more and more at the touch of her breasts I felt that we were getting more and more crazy about each other He made me feel with his hands where I should go I slowly emerged from his arms I gently licked and kissed every tender spot between her neck and her breasts()


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