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I got there an hour early again
I always get like this when I don't want to be late for something What the hell am I supposed to do with myself? I'm sitting in the car waiting I'm gonna smoke a cigarette This is boring Let's go for a walk Cold wind I'm gonna put my jacket on It's not a friendly neighborhood Window displays almost nothing I'm walking by a bar If you were more friendly I'd have a beer but this looks more like a spitter Keep going The tram is falling next to me I'll see if he comes up with that But why would he? An hour before the appointment?
I get called down on the boulevard
- Pretty boy you busy?
I'm on the run Back to the car I'd rather wait hereThere's a familiar figure approaching the gate I'd jump out of the car but it's not going that fast The gate is closing Then it opens again That's him I'll wave and then I'll hurry
Close the door behind me
- I'm tired - go ahead I don't care about that right now I'm pulling him in I'm sticking to his mouth I love kissing his soft lips
Phone's ringing I hate it I have to let go You make one or two more calls while I hold you in my arms I'm gonna kiss the back of his head He's shivering
Quick shower I really do Maybe you can see that on me He's wearing a T-shirt
He's putting on a CD
I'm gonna hug him and kiss him again My hands wander over her body first over the shirt then touch her hot skin I'll sit you on the side of the bed My mouth is kissing your skin Her eyes are closed and I like to look at those beautiful blue eyes My tongue is dancing on your belly He's on his back She gives herself to my lips I kiss your thighs all the way I know I know I don't want to badger you My mouth sticks to his lap My tongue goes gently between my lips My hand is looking for his hand I'll squeeze it It's pushing me back I'm licking his clitoris at a faster and faster pace My other hand slips under his buttocks His breath accelerates as he changes language to faster tempo My fingers are looking for the wet entrance I'm not gonna slide it in just a little bit That's how I pet it I'll put his clitoris between my lips My tongue dances on it unbridled He's squeezing my hand It's tightening in the back I can hear her faint scream Her vagina is throbbing
I'm going next to him I'm stroking his face I'm going to go through her hair I'm sticking to his mouth I can't get enough of this girl
I roll over head on my shoulder He'd move to return what he got but I won't let him I hold her I hold her
- Stay Just stay in my arms for a little while
He strolls through my stomach and then he takes care of my prancing tool I'm shaking as he caresses her It's slipping Tongue on my nipples then on my stomach Then he kisses my dick I give myself to pleasure His hot lips quickly draw out my fluids Spread his tongue all over my Acorn My dick goes deep in his mouth Oh I love it I'm shaking with pleasure Then he helps with his hands There's a straight line to satisfaction from here I give you my hot fluids throbbing He keeps it in his mouth a little bit longer and then he comes back to me I'm holding her tight like someone's trying to take her away from me
I'm gonna scratch his back I'm gonna dig into his hair I know you like that a lot He's snuggling up in my shoulder hole like a kitten and I'm just listening to him breathe slowly You must be really tired Is he asleep?
I'm numb I'm turning I'm snuggling up to his back My dick's getting hard again I didn't mean to but I'll wake him up He's reaching back He caresses me He can feel my tension It helps My dick is already in the vagina Our movements will be coordinated in no time His hands are wringing the sheets He's quietly shouting something My wheezing makes me wonder Hands on his lap I'm holding him tight He's hugging my cock around his hot vagina My shots are almost brutal
- More more - he's yelling I give myself to lust My sperm is throbbing from my dick
Calm down
- I love you - whispering in his ear And I'm happy to hold her in my arms Now I don't care about numbness I hear her breathing with a smile He's asleep again I just want to stop time


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