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As a private investigator I've had the pleasure of learning some people's private secrets
Most of the time of course I only met casual cases I mean it's natural for me that the subject is cheating on his spouse The surprise was when it wasn't But in the seven years I've run into some exciting cases from time to time
There have been times when I've had the opportunity to get more direct evidence
My clients would reward me more generously But that wasn't the point
For me it was more of an exciting pastime than a job If I'm being honest it wasn't me they were rewarding it was my uncle who was rewarding me In the first years I was just his right-hand man A lot of people think that a private investigator works alone but it's often not easy to keep an eye on someone for days or a week sometimes if the client requested it and didn't waste the money even weeks
It's usually about more people working together Of course each of them has their own car each of them doing their job separately talking to each other over the phone At first I just went with him and watched them watch me with his buddy and his buddy's sister
Wow that woman could use a story I've had some memorable adventures with him
True this is out of the question but believe me reader that woman wants to be mentioned
It would be a major sin not to tell you that she was an exceptionally sexy blonde beauty who even at the age of 35 or 40 was more interested in men my age than in marriage and starting a family At that time I was 24 years old completely melted
So like I said I enjoyed this job Before that I was forced to work as a supplier for years because I was never hired as a driver as a junior
I was happy when my uncle took me on his team and I finally had a job that I liked to do and there was a lot of money in it Over the years there have been three situations that I will always remember On the one hand it gave me a great rush of adrenaline because I had to be more careful than usual but mostly because it never happens to most people in their entire lives When I'm old I'll probably think of these as the most exciting memories of my life I have a feeling that all three cases would prove to be a very successful scenario I've been keeping the tapes ever since I copied every one of them twice to make sure they lived the rest of my life The last time is the closest thing I have That's why I'm writing this novel but I can't stop introducing it if I'm just sketching the last two The first case of this kind was when I followed a woman to the Buda hillside The house he went to was all the way up there On the edge of the forest
It was Friday night I pulled out my neck-mounted camera and headed for the nearby forest It would have been more than enough for our client to have taken a video of his wife making out with him at the front door but I was excited to have the opportunity to see them in action I had to take a small detour to the edge of the forest
Six or eight houses down there was a stretch of road that led to the woods I was just walking slowly because the twigs were cracking under me I had to walk through the trees near the houses I could barely see anything If someone had been out in the backyard of one of those houses they would have heard me if I'd been walking at a normal pace The observed woman's lover's house was at the top of the property a few yards from the fence The light was on in one of the rooms upstairs The window was open At the edge of the forest about 6 to 8 meters from the fence there was a tree that I could easily climb When I got to a height with the window I turned around I was stable at the base of two branches and I leaned against the trunk of the tree The woman and the man sat on the couch talking and drinking It was about 11: 00 but it was still hot It was sometime in July a few years ago I almost couldn't feel my legs in excitement and my palms were sweating even though I knew that since I was in the dark they wouldn't be able to see me if they leaned out the window to smoke I started recording and I slowly approached them You could see the bed I saw them from the side when they started getting to the point
I recorded it right up until the moment she got off the guy's tail and lay down next to him and put her head on his chest I remember how much my uncle and I laughed when I showed him the tape and he said:
- This is professional work
The other time we also observed a woman Her husband showed me a photo of her gave me the license plate number of her car brand type color and the address of her place of work


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