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It was Easter Sunday We watched TV snuggled up The movie's been on for a while They cut a commercial One day my beloved will speak
- I'm going to the bathroom
The film continues He's been in the bathroom a long time
- You're not coming? - The movie's back on - I did
He didn't answer I waited a few minutes I asked you again
- You all right? - yeah - he hasn't responded
I got up I ran to the bathroom The door was locked I ran into the garage in a panic to get the crowbar I'm going into the garage to get the toolbox Behind the door there's a voice:
- Hey Handsome
She was my girlfriend Not just any outfit She was the Easter bunny girl He was wearing a white shirt from shoulder to thigh His whole arm was free It was a pink lace pattern on the top Two-piece white nightshirt on her leg White sandals A white collar around his neck and a pink tie on it There was a pink pompom tail on the back He also wore a hair bra with pink bunny ears I'll take a look at your face Her lips were red and pink Her eyes were blue Instead of happy about it I was angry
"I was only trying to please you" he said
- That wasn't a pleasure You really scared me
"I understand" he went to the bedroom sobbing
I went after him I felt it was wrong of me I walked in Our bedroom wall was apricot-colored with yellow curtains fresh-sown pink sheets He was just crying on the bed
- Honey that really wasn't nice Don't be angry - he said he was sorry to me You know you scared me and it hurt me too
- I know but I was really curious that you'd be surprised to see me I knew you'd go out to the garage if I left the bathroom door locked to get me out I wanted to surprise you
 I haven't even complimented you on how beautiful you are I wanted to but you left It wasn't Fair of me to yell at you I just got scared- I caressed her face gently wiped her tears with the handkerchief
'I'm very blurry' he said laughing
- Come on I made you ugly with my callousness I have to put up with it- I said with a smile
- I changed because it's Easter so let's make the day nice so you can spend the day with a bunny girl
- Okay but only if you want to- I told you
- I want more than just being together - he put his arm around me
We started kissing We ate each other's mouths We licked each other's tongues He stood up in front of me He turned around a slow circle to see how well he had made himself He sat down on the chair She pulled up the skirt She moved her panties next to her right clitoris He was masturbating with his finger smiling at me On his naked pussy he put his index finger and middle finger on it and she was scissoring it I walked right up to him I kissed her on the cheek I got her left boob out I held it with my left hand I licked her I licked her nipples His hands continued to masturbate up I hugged him from behind I caressed her nice and gently grabbed her breasts I leaned in front of him put my arm around him I laid her on the bed He opened his legs I caressed her little pussy In circular motion with the tip of my finger We looked into each other's eyes Then I shook it fast
- Very well-praised
I fingered it with my middle and ring finger in and out Then I licked her clitoris He caressed my head He's got his pussy spread out with both hands I went up to him took out my tool He licked it at the beginning like an ice cream with a circular motion on the tip of his tongue He took my acorn and let it out several times Deeper and deeper I put my hand around his neck
- Please get up and go to bed doggy style - he did
He was bulging his butt I licked his butthole like a wet pussy It felt so good I sat on the bed and he kneeled in front of me and he gave me a blow job In and out At the very end he struggled With his left hand he held up my comma and with his tongue he coddled my balls He moved the handle gracefully He took a detour to my base He kept my testicles in his mouth He kept looking me in the eye He gave me a little more blow He stopped
"Please take off your shirt my dear" I asked
He reached back tied the string around his neck She was taking her dress down and stroking her beautiful tits He tied it off his stockings She was pulling her hips down Finally he turned his butt towards me
"And your thong but keep your butt facing me" I asked
"All right honey" he said
He got rid of the little dress He moved his butt with his hands He tore his asshole apart I went to him and I licked him again I caressed her clitoris with my fingers I just sat back He came towards her She held her fine brown hair back He carried his hand from top to bottom through her breasts


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