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He started a long time ago he was on the internet Chatter no content or occasional words of wisdom thoughts appeared at the hands of the screen Then he realized something he didn't expect He met people with similar interests He's made friends He had a good time with them
Then he opened himself up to the world which if he had not known he might have been more comfortable in the part of his life in which men so often ridiculed themselvesHe observed read studied and was desperate when he thought of his own problems She was surprised and faced with a lot of things she knew but didn't want to acknowledge unfortunately it would have been easier for him He read and read and sometimes he liked it and sometimes he got upset He's been living in other people's experiences and he was jealous He didn't care what anyone wrote He just read what he saw For a long time he didn't realize that friends sometimes chat about topics or maybe someone's looking for someone maybe a friend It took him six months to realize it wasn't enough for him to just hang around in the lyrics he could use a partner someone I know someone I could get along with
It was a serious problem for him finding someone close to his gondola because he wasn't looking for an opponent I don't think so Someone someone someone you haven't explained to yourself He's been reading and waiting for months He searched and searched once the picture was put together and the person was there the nice one the friend He knew he'd found it everything was like that in fact the most surprising thing is that they had almost the same taste in music it didn't bother him that much that he was much younger than him that's himBut he didn't dare talk to her there was no reason to Yeah he had to build that hard ground under his feet - but when he was ready he didn't have the guts to stand on it Time passed days passed and he felt as he always did in life that he would give it up again he's retiring And then a random unexpected response that came from him made a decision He e-mailed me
He waited he waited because he can wait He didn't know when the answer was coming he was just hoping The letter arrived a few days laterRight from the start he wanted to somehow understand what he was sure of because he knew or rather felt it at the very beginning he wrote it he was sure of himself inside Yeah I'm pretty sure You must not get to know anyone more than you have imagined from the writings of your pen pal Because he was scaredhe was scared of you He didn't want his emotions to change It wasn't weakness it was experience He knew you he knew you wouldn't be able to be objective measured so stay cautious when the partner is beautiful and attractive
But it didn't work it was weak he gave way to kindness: he was pleased to be persuaded against which he protested with every fiber of his beingThey switched photos and it's happening she was a beautiful woman in the picture and now all she looked at was her
A very nice woman's face with mysterious burning blue eyes dark bronze-red hair looked back from the picture with a strange subdued smile It's fineit's just jewelry with a mark on it in a black dress it's nice in black He found it very pleasant and looked at it The black one somehow the color comes back to his mind it's black I can't believe he saw a picture of a very shapely leg the other day and then another one at the time he felt that someone was there he looked familiar But here in the picture you can also see the shapely breasts covered in the soft fabric of the dress Just like the picture you saw on the internet - it's true cut so that the owner can hide in plain sight but be proud of what the sky gave him Or in a picture which he saw later in which the possessor of the bosoms left no hint of what a man's desire was but wrapped in lace stretched it out on a tableHis throat is dry God no maybe he's behind the lace His thoughts raced between desire joy and envy He didn't want to believe his eyes it's too much for a dream to be him that can't be right He looked at the pictures for a long time and asked a question he asked for one word no moreYou have your answer but it shook him
He just looked and looked and couldn't answer he felt the warmth inside him deep down that he had run away from so many times
He tried for days not to think about it to forget No no no no Reason struggled with emotion struggled with itself He didn't mean to be ridiculous still perhaps the flame of desire was stronger He sat down took out the picture again looked at the beauty the perfect one his heart beat more and more thinking nothing his eyes closed with his hands he gently touched the shapely leg: he was afraid to touch it he just wanted to touch her she knelt beside him smoothed him with her lips In no hurry he returned and returned but with more and more courage he always moved on to the miracle He was at the knees waiting he wasn't in a hurry With his hand he held his lover's arm firmly He wanted to be sure of himself not to hurt you to love you Then the legs moved and he let himself loose and he boldly went up Her lips were close to the edge of the lace her hand gently caressed the thighs through the stockings which were sexy to them His hot breath has already touched the skin above the lace His hand was caressed by a soft woman's hand and he felt a grip on his hand and looked up the kind at that very moment he slowly descended on his back He wanted to see his face but the only thing he could see was the loose-falling bronze-red hair and he had the face it should have been her lover's face nothing but the face but it's hopeless because it's covered in shoulder and hair He looked before him his hands were high on the legs and on the edge of the body His fingers roamed through the hills and valleys behind the black lace With his lips he bent over the lace of the valley of secrets He covered it with trembling kisses With his fingers he looked at every pattern like a blind man who wanted to read the source of pleasure He wanted to enjoy every detail so he took it slow He crawled through the black cloth and rested on the shapely breastsHe waited time stopped for himHe lay beside her holding her tenderly and like the morning mist when he embraces the hillland the two bodies melted into each other hands and fingers intertwined The mind was gone there was no control over anythingLittle perhaps not even a crack in his eyes because he wanted to see his sweetheart He had before him no distance from the face that had captured him But he wanted more what so few could see a moment in which all women would be more beautiful than beautiful when all the Troubles were gone When the waves of the endless sea calm down and the fire of the eye is yours alone The fulfillment of a desire that has already been felt by his beloved The gentle waves had already passed through her lovely lips The arms like the vines of a thousand plants had become tighter and when a nail cut into his back involuntarily opened his eyes wide there was silence and darkness only a beam of light passed through the dark drawing a faint circle on his chest He raised his head with his eyes following the path of the ray of light a star shining through the gap He watched for a long time the flashing of light in the dark of the Blue Night He ran through his own thoughts He looked back at the star and came closer than anyone who wished to touch it He watched it for a long time because he wanted to remember his light Then he bent down took a handful of dirt in his hand and with deliberate calculated movements stuffed it into the crack He worked he worked he worked until he kept everything out of the light
By the time he was finished he was tired his legs trembled the ground became unstable He tilted and fell to the ground by the wall He sat there for a while staring straight in front of him slowly laying down on the ground closing his eyesHe's sleeping now his face was smoothed out and he rested in his sleep and walked among his flowers again


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