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Some Muslim or whatever he made a skirt and a breastplate for us which didn't cover much of us either in size or transparency Nicholas was amazed when he came in We were in a good mood anyway but Ági was in a particularly funny mood and I no matter what she said was so embarrassed that I could just giggle anyway "What's going on?" asked Nicholas after a while in a state of shock for he allowed himself to make very slippery jokes which of course was intended for Nicholas Wait a minute he interrupted I mean Juli is my guest and I invited her here to have professional meetings but I can see that you two have become very close in two days That's what we're really laughing at which makes Nicholas even more confused
 You're quite a colleague and a host I'll tell you that First you hide what a charming little guest you want to invite and then you run away from home and leave this poor bastard alone with a sense of knowledge You're in some stupid library all day if you're in the same place And you're not fooling around with some little girl
- What? "How can you think that" asked Nicholas with indignation I got scared and I tried to stop Ági but I couldn't
 What am I supposed to think when I have two hot women waiting for me and you don't even notice us and you disappear for days Cut back with a sharp tone of brani Poor Nicholas shuddered but then fortunately Ági took pity on him She hugged him kissed him and he laughed and said:
- All right I'm just kidding The truth is the fact that Juli and I became very close I don't mind at all that you invited her before that I didn't mind but we really miss you
- You?? He asked raising his eyebrows Nicholas
- Yeah for us what's wrong??
"No" replied the poor man shaking his head to take a shower
- We shouldn't push this too farwe might get in trouble and he'll be mad at both of us I don't care ' cause I'm going home but you're going to have to make it up to me and I whispered in his ear
- Don't worry he answered and gave me a kiss I know my little man and I know how far he can go You'll see he'll soon be soft
By the time Nicholas washed up we had a nice dinner We baked fresh roast beef with lots of lettuce and potatoes We were starving because we didn't eat much during the day but we really worked our way out We set the table in the backyard where even though the sun was still shining it was quite pleasant Nicholas showed up in a pair of shorts again He didn't even towel offhe had water drops on his body My throat's clenched Ági walked up to him and hugged him
- Hmm how fresh and fragrant my Lord said with flattery And how excruciatingly cool her body is brr makes me shudder don't you want to try it Juli? He turned to me
 I asked you back Give him a break
- True-true I had Nicholas on my side And then Ági patted his stomach:
 Okay but what I said last night I'm still holding today so either you get dressed or we get naked You left him with that - Do whatever you wantI'm not gonna wear a T-shirt ' cause I got sweat all over my skin yesterday I'll bring you something to drink and you bring me dinner ' cause I'm gonna collapse from hunger he grumbled and went out
Ági immediately took off her" breastplate " and then handed me a bowl full of food He opened the door for me and when I came out he unzipped the bow on my tittie and pulled it off me I screamed and I almost dropped the bowl Nicholas who had already been out picked up his head and looked with glassy eyes as the two nearly naked crazy women approached him with the big trays
"We don't have a palm-leaf fan but if you wish we can fan with our skirts" said ági as he said and I laughed again
"You did eat mushrooms" said Nicholas shaking his head The Round Table was spread so that the dishes occupied half the table So we caught up with Gyuri who was very anxious and didn't know where to look Everywhere he turned all he could see was tits and I think pussy because "skirts rolled up as soon as we sat down It seemed to me that he was growing well with the bulge on his trousers which was not a small bulge and I was secretly hoping that my sight contributed to this and it was not just his adored Branch I did everything I could for that especially after the whiskey and the two glasses of red wine which he made us drink before we ate
We used to pretend that we both wanted the best food on each other's plates and we kept reaching over Nicholas to steal it Of course we used to pull our breasts through Nicholas's arms or his back I tripped once and if he hadn't caught me I would have fallen()


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